Nikki’s Tarot Reading: December 18-30, 2017

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2 of Disks, Change, and Knight of Swords

The reading for this week is covering the last weeks until 2018.

As the winter and summer solstice take place globally, there are big changes with the new seasons and the new year.

To mark these changes, we’ve got the 2 of Disks or Change. This card has a powerful snake in the form of a figure eight. When put on its side, it is an infinity symbol.

The snake is here to show us that we need to continuously shed out skin to grow and the infinity symbol shows us that change is a constant.

Change is both necessary and inevitable. To resist it is to become stagnant and unhealthy. We must embrace change in order to grow positively.

It is said, whatever we resists persists, and that is part of the lesson for the 2 of Disks. If we do not take stock of our lives during this time and embrace the necessary changes, a more disruptive change might occur.

The Death or Tower card would be the next level of change. These are much deeper and painful changes. They are positive and powerful cards but can be much more life impacting.

If you want to avoid a life disrupting change, listen to the energy of the 2 of Disks and take the steps you need to in order to correct what is not working. You can usually see what areas are needing adjusting by looking at the cards that surround the 2 of Disks.

In this case, we have the Knight of Swords. Swords is ruled by the element of air and intellect. This might mean our changes need to come in our way of thinking.

What are some of your unhelpful thinking patterns? How can you change anxious or negative mindsets? What is one thought you can let go of right now?

I often have to remind myself the following: not to believe every thought I have, that my thoughts do not control me and I am not my thoughts.

How can this awareness lead to positive changes before the year is out? How can you call out your destructive thinking and stop it in its tracks?

Being aware of yourself and what you are thinking is a huge feat. Most of us are not aware of the difference between ourselves and our thoughts. The power you gain from this separation can be extremely helpful.

The Knight of Swords is all about being clear headed and is the perfect companion to the 2 of Disks. Its light and bright energy will help us move swiftly to clarity around our areas of change. It will also allow us to gain focus if we feel distracted in our quest.

So take advantage of the Knight’s energy this week and focus on what you need to adjust before the year is over. Spend time with your mind and write down all the thoughts you can let go before we enter 2018.

How can you start the new year without the mental weight of the unhelpful thoughts you have been carrying around? How can you say no thank you to negativity, anxiety, and falsehoods?

Write down your main offenders on paper, whatever hurtful thoughts come up the most.

For me, my most repetitive and destructive thoughts are that I am not strong enough for this world and that there is something wrong with me physically, mentally and emotionally.

These thoughts are trying to protect me but are defensive mechanisms gone awry. They come across as warnings but really just block me from accepting and loving myself.

I am going to write them down and let them go in a fire. I will thank them for trying to protect me but let them know I am okay without them.

As they burn I will repeat, “I accept and love myself. I am strong and perfect the way I am.”

The mantra for this week is whatever you come up with as you burn your unwanted thoughts. Let go of that mental weight. Let your mind know you are safe and strong, you don’t need those thoughts any more.

We are entering into 2018 lighter and more powerful. We are ready to take on life’s challenges and keep striving for more love.

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