Sagittarius New Moon 7-Day Ritual December 2017

sagittarius new moon ritual

The December New Moon falls in the fiery sign of Sagittarius on the 18th and is the last lunar cycle of the calendar year.

In order to really harness the cosmic energy of this time and to prepare for the year ahead, this New Moon ritual is designed to be completed over 7-days.

Think of this like your advent calendar for the holidays. You can start this 7-day ritual at any time, but to really embrace and harness the energy of the New Moon, it is best to start this ritual on the 18th.

This ritual includes 7 small and simple practices to be conducted on a daily basis.

The aim of this ritual is to help you prepare for the energies of 2018 by purging, cleansing and aligning.

Feel free to adapt the ritual according to your needs. 

Here is your 7-Day New Moon Ritual

Day 1- Intention

You will need: pen, paper, your favourite crystal

Over the course of the 7-days you are going to be clearing and releasing the past and also welcoming in the new. We have all been reborn in some way this year, and it is important to honor where we are and embrace the current season of our lives. The only way to do this is to surrender the past, and to let go of all that no longer serves.

We do this so we can enter 2018 with a clean slate and not fall into the trap of repeating certain habits, patterns and behaviours. We do this so we can grow and shift out of old habits and into a higher place of consciousness.

When thinking of your intention for this 7-day ritual know that there are no limits. Take a moment to clear your mind and get still with yourself. Hold your favourite crystal and meditate or just breathe deeply for 10-30 minutes.

Once you feel relaxed, ask yourself- What do I most need right now? What is the one thing that I would really like help/guidance/clarity on?

With this question in mind, you can formulate an intention. Here is an example to get you started-

“My intention over the next 7 days is to let go of past regrets and to forgive myself for all that I did and didn’t do. I want to clear these regrets and replace them with hope for the future. I want to feel inspired and energized again so I can make 2018 a good year.”

Once you have your intention written down, place your hand over your heart and repeat your intention out loud three times followed by a “Thank You”. Really allow the words to sink in and put meaning behind them.

You can decorate your intention and make it really colourful if you like. This is a good meditative practice that you can do to some music or even in silence.

Once you have your intention written down, place it somewhere you can see it daily for the next 7-days alongside your crystal.

Day 2- Purge

You will need: pen, paper, your favourite crystal, candle, timer (smartphone timer works fine)

This ritual is best done first thing in the morning or last thing before bed.

Find a quiet place where you can’t be disturbed. Light your candle and sit comfortably with your crystal in your hand. Repeat your intention from day 1 and then breathe in and out for 10 breaths.

Once you feel calm get your pen and paper and write at the top of the page- “Here is what I want to release from my life….”

Set your timer for 20 minutes and then begin free flow writing whatever comes to your mind. The idea with this is that you don’t want the pen to lift off the page. This means that even if you don’t know what to write, just keep writing nonsense, random thoughts, or whatever comes to your head. Just give yourself permission to write whatever flows out of you.

If you find yourself really getting of track, just silently repeat “here’s what I want to release from my life”, and see what flows.

Once the 20 minutes are done, pause and reflect on any feelings or emotions that have been stirred for you. You may wish to go back and read over what you wrote or make a note of all the things that you wish to release.

Note: if you want to keep writing for more than 20 minutes go for it!

When ready, take your papers in your hand and repeat-

“I am ready to let go of all of this, I am ready for the new. I am ready to purge all of this and so it is true. Angels and higher self from above, please guide me to release these things from my life, please steer me in the right direction so I may find peace from all that no longer serves.”

Now start ripping up the paper as a sign that you are ready and willing to release all from your life. Once the paper is in shreds, discard of it in the recycling bin/compost.

Holding your crystal again, sit comfortably and take 10 deep breaths in and out. As you do this, you can gently bring your gaze to the candle in front of you or close your eyes and visualise a brilliant white light. See the light and repeat – “I now fill myself with light” 10 times.

As you do this, visualise a healing and protective white light surrounding you and running through you. Once completed, snuff out the candle and place your crystal back next to your intention.

Day 3- Cleanse

You will need: sage/other smudging tool

This ritual works best if you have a clean house, but if you are strapped for time, don’t worry too much about it.

Before you begin this ritual, be sure you have a door or window open.

Take your sage or other smudging tool (oils, palo santo etc.) and begin by cleansing your aura. As you wave the smoke around your body repeat (or write  your own)-

“I am cleansing and purifying myself body, mind and soul. I am cleansed, I am renewed.”

Now go around your entire home and cleanse everything using the smudging tool. Repeat the following mantra-

“I cleanse my space and purify my surroundings. My space is cleansed, it is renewed.”

If you need more detailed instructions on smudging read this. 

Once you have cleansed your surroundings, meditate for 10-30 minutes, basking in the beautiful fresh energy.

Day 4- Forgiveness

You will need: mirror, pen and paper, timer (smartphone is fine)

Sit in a comfortable position with your mirror and timer nearby. You are going to do another free flow writing exercise beginning with – “I just cannot forgive myself for…..”

Set your timer for 20 minutes and just start free flow writing whatever comes to your mind.

Again, try not to let the pen lift off the paper and keep writing until the timer stops. Just trust whatever flows and allow your imagination and subconscious mind to take over.

Once the 20 minutes is over, reflect on what you have written and honor any emotions that may be lingering. Go back through what you have written and observe without judgement what thoughts or beliefs you are holding onto about forgiveness. Highlight any main areas that you are struggling to forgive yourself for.

Once you have identified these areas, you are going to work on forgiving yourself for each and every one of them. Take your mirror and look at yourself in the eyes and repeat- “I forgive you” at least 10 times. Try to keep eye contact the whole time.

Just be gentle with yourself if any emotions arise. Next, go through what you have written and forgive yourself for all of it. You deserve to be forgiven, you deserve to be released of these regrets.

Look at yourself in the mirror as you forgive yourself for each and every one of them. Once you are done, give yourself a big warm bear hug and repeat to yourself- “I love you. Thank you. I love you.”

Just be really gentle with yourself for the remainder of the day. Be sure to drink lots of water and get a good night of rest.

Day 5- Purify

You will need: pen, paper, your favourite crystal

Start by repeating your intention to yourself. Perhaps observe the progress you have made or the new space that is now opening up in your life.

Take your crystal, lie down and place it over your third eye or heart centre- just follow your instincts.

Take 3-5 deep breaths here just to still your mind. You are now going to take yourself on a guided meditation with the help of your crystal. Think about the colour of your crystal and the shape. Visualize it in your mind.

Once you have a clear visual, imagine the crystal floating just an inch or so above the top of your head.

Visualize the crystal hovering above the crown of your head. See that crystal and all the colours and imagine that your body is soaking in and receiving energy from the crystal straight from the top of your head, all the way to the bottom of your feet.

See if you can visualize the current of energy moving from the crystal at the top of your head all the way through your body and out at the ends of your feet.

Now see the crystal moving around the outside of your body, around the neck, your arms, torso etc. Watch the crystal move around the outside of your body and visualize the colour and energy soaking into your body.

Take yourself on this guided mediation until the crystal reaches the top of your head again. Open your eyes, stand up and shake or move lightly to get the energy flowing through your body.

Day 6- Self Love

You will need: mirror

Read over your intention and acknowledge any progress you have made over the last few days.

Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself in the eyes. Place your hand on your shoulder (doesn’t matter which one) and repeat-

“You are worthy and you deserve to be loved. I love you and you are worthy.”

Now take your hand and place it on your other shoulder and repeat the same mantra again. Be sure to look at yourself in the eyes as you say it.

Now wrap your arms around yourself and repeat the mantra one final time. With your arms still wrapped around yourself repeat-

“I promise to love you and look after you. I love you.”

Day 7- Gratitude

You will need: pen and paper (optional)

The final day of your ritual is here!

Take your intention and reflect on how far you have come! You can continue to keep the intention until you feel like you are done working with it.

Take your favourite crystal that you have been using and sit comfortably. Take 10 breaths here just to still your mind.

You can choose to write down your thoughts or just state them to yourself.

Ask yourself the following-

  • What are 3 experiences that I feel the most grateful for this year?
  • Who are 5 people I feel most grateful to have in my life?
  • What am I most thankful for this year?

Then complete these sentences:

  • I feel so lucky because…..
  • I am so happy when…..
  • In 2018, I want to feel……

Once you are done, place your hands into prayer position and thank yourself, your angels, your guides and your higher self.

You’re done!

Happy holidays!

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