Nikki’s Weekly Tarot: April 27-May 3, 2020

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4 of Wands and 5 of Cups

It can feel like a strange time to receive the 4 of Wands. This is a card about connecting with our people and celebrating our loves. The pain of not being together is starting to hit hard, which is why I believe we received the 5 of Cups as well.

The 5 of Cups is all about disappointment. We have a whole host of things to be disappointed in right now: missed trips, events, routines, and safety. We could be disappointed in our government or how others we know are handling this pandemic.

There is a lot of grief we are experiencing individually and collectively. There is real pain connected to this card and this moment.

The 5 of Cups is asking you to feel your feelings. It is okay to feel disappointed. Let yourself cry. Write down your thoughts. Grieve.

Many of us have been trying to stay positive and not let heavier emotions creep in. But by keeping them at bay we are making our load heavier. This week it is time to have a release.

Give yourself permission to feel sad. You don’t need to sugarcoat what is happening for you or the world. You can feel bad and be okay at the same time.

The 4 of Wands is here, not to take away our pain, but to help us carry it.

Whether we have the support of our chosen family or our family by blood, we all have some amazing people in our corner. They love and support us and see our strength even when we can’t see it ourselves.

Those that comfort and care for us are true treasures. We become stronger through them. Their gifts makes us richer. We lean on them for their advice, talents, and cheerleading.

The 4 of Wands is a card about gratitude for our communities. It is about seeing how much support we have and allowing this to fill us with pride and power.

This card asks us to think about the web of support in our lives. It wants us to share our feelings and celebrate those we love. It wants us to really let in the feeling of being connected to people that care for us. These feelings give us superpowers.

While struggling with disappointment and pain, this card is here to remind us of our sacred community. If we have been in a dark place, this card is here to show us that we are not alone.

Write down all the members of your clan. Look at their pictures, call them up, have a virtual date. Remind yourself of how many people you have on your side. Honor them in some way this week and you will awaken a deep strength within.

Mantra for the week: It is okay to feel pain, I allow myself grieve. My loved ones bring me stability and strength. 

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