Nikki’s Weekly Tarot: December 19-25, 2022

Weekly Tarot

The cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.

The Hanged Man and Four of Disks

This week we have our last New Moon of 2022 on December 23rd in the sign of Capricorn. Our cards are the perfect companions to help us navigate all that lies ahead.

Our first card is The Hanged Man and it often points to an experience of something rather unpleasant. However, it also shares with us how to handle challenging situations with wisdom.

The Hanged Man points to roadblocks. We may be encountering the same thing over and over without any change. We have come to a dead-end and we need to reevaluate what we are doing.

What comes to mind when you hear this? Take time to think about the roadblocks in your life and your world. Whatever comes to mind first is usually what we need to focus on the most.

Ask yourself these questions: Can we salvage things or do we need to take a new path? Can we adjust or do we need to let go and move on completely?

When we need to let go of something we can feel like we failed. We experience emotional pain or even deep resistance. Our resistance can cause us to feel stuck or suspended.

The Hanged Man also indicates our need to hold on to specific outcomes. It calls us to practice the art of non-attachment. If we are feeling an intense desire for something to go a particular way, this card asks us to examine why.

The New Moon shines a bright light on our resistance and what we need to let go of. If we have been putting off the next step or holding on to a cycle that needs to end, it will come to the surface to be released this week. We can then start a new path that will lead to more growth.

Our next card is the Four of Disks, a beautiful card full of optimism and potential. This card speaks to the new energy we will focus on after we adhere to the wisdom of The Hanged Man.

The Four of Disks is also called Power and is all about creating a strong and positive foundation. It asks us to take stock of what gives us strength and is the antidote to stressful thinking and experiences.

Our strength with this card comes from our greater connection to ourselves, our community, and the planet. It wants us to know we are bigger than just ourselves and the universe supports us deeply.

The card portrays a solid fortress that gives both security and power. The symbols on each of the four pillars are the elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

We often have people or situations in our lives that make us question our power. When this happens we need to think of all the things that make us strong and take our power back.

You can think about how far you have come and all the people in your life who love and accept you. You can think of all the things you do each day that prioritize your mental health.  You can think about your spiritual practices and your journey to your higher self.

No negative thought, comment, or experience can take away all the work you have put into building your foundation. Its presence is there and will not be knocked down by anxiety or negativity.

You are powerful, brave, and resilient. You have a base of positivity and love that you worked hard to cultivate. We all encounter things that make us question that, but the Four of Disks is here to remind us of resiliency and strength.

Allow the energy of the card and the New Moon to enter your world and the inspiration to take hold. We will end the week in a more contemplative place that will fill us with purpose.

Mantra for the week: I break out of old patterns that no longer serve. At my core, I am strong, powerful, and intelligent. 

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