Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: June 5-11, 2023

Weekly Tarot

The cards pictured above are from the Aquarian Tarot deck.

Three of Swords and The Lovers

The first card we are diving into this week is the Three of Swords. When this card comes up it often points to a broken heart, grief, or betrayal. The emotions are heavy and we are working through our disappointment.

These feelings could be from a recent occurrence or something we have been holding on to for a while. The energy could be on a personal level or it could be how we feel about the world. Either way, we are raw and our tender hearts are punctured.

If we push away our dark feelings, we also risk numbing ourselves to joy. When we try to sail past complicated emotions, we miss out on the richness of our experience and the wisdom we can gain.

The heaviness can be addressed by sitting with our feelings and honoring them. They will not go away immediately, but through our acceptance, the emotions will dissipate.

When we face how we feel it can lessen our fear and confusion, we can then work with the energy and think about what is really hurting us. We can talk to a friend, express our pain, and name our emotions.

Through working on our personal feelings, we might also be able to be there for someone else that is hurting. Some of our heartbreak can be mended by supporting a loved one.

We can find refuge with others who might feel the same way. It is a universal human experience to feel hurt and brokenhearted. We are never alone in our emotions as everyone can relate to feelings of pain.

Some questions to ask yourself under the influence of the Three of Swords: How do you work with painful, uneasy emotions? How do you stay present with the feelings and not numb them away? And how do stay grounded while experiencing grief?

We are called to be honest with ourselves and to allow our emotions to come up to the surface. When we do this, we feel relief as it confirms the feelings we have been holding inside. We might have a good cry and feel renewed after our tears.

The Three of Swords wants us to connect to our true emotions and give space for them to be shared. We often feel closer and more loving to ourselves after experiencing this energy. And when we release some of our pain, we can make room in our hearts for love to enter.

This is where our second card for the week beautifully steps in. The Lovers speaks to self-love as well as romantic love. There is an innocence and trust that comes with this card. This is our heart before we were ever hurt and before we became so cautious with our emotions.

Through the energy of this card, we give our love freely to others. We feel whole in ourselves and are not looking for another person to make us complete.

Under the influence of The Lovers, we have a deep respect for ourselves. We do things that make us feel beautiful, cared for, healthy, and alive. We treat ourselves like the kings and queens we are.

Through loving ourselves, we begin to trust the Universe again and start to love others with less fear. We work on our blocks and let go of the past, just like the Three of Swords pushes us to do.

We are calling in love that is on a higher plane. This love is ruled by emotional honesty and genuine expression. All parties are balanced in their effort and vulnerability.

Depicted on The Lovers card are equal partners, entering into a spiritual marriage. Cupid and fate are blessing them with the might of Universal Love.

The Lovers is not about two halves becoming a whole, but two wholes coming together to make a joyful and balanced relationship. We are guided to make space for this type of love in our lives.

This card can point to romantic partnerships or business/creative partnerships as well. It indicates a high level of equality and respect by all parties involved.

We allow into our lives the relationships that we believe we deserve. When we raise our standards, better relationships are naturally drawn toward us.

If you have lost optimism about this type of connection or don’t believe you deserve it, this is your sign to let go of that belief. It is time to have hope and know that you are worthy.

We are no longer blocking love through our self-limiting thoughts. Our beliefs, along with our inner work, allow so much love to enter our world.

Mantra for the week: By tapping into my emotions, I experience a deep release. I feel deserving and open to love.

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