Nikki’s Weekly Tarot: October 10-16, 2022

The cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.

Prince of Disks and Five of Cups

This week’s cards speak to our navigation of our darker and more negative emotions. Our framing and judgment determine how we carry our experiences and how we let them impact us. We are in control of the story we tell ourselves; taking that control can change everything.

There is so much wisdom with our first card, the Prince of Disks, but there is also a lot of heaviness. This card speaks to the hard times we have gone through and the obstacles of our past that continue to impact us. 

We are not light and breezy when it comes to making decisions or taking steps forward. We have experienced deep pain and loss and it informs our behavior.

The Prince of Disks sits on a cumbersome chariot pulled by a large but determined bull. At his back are boulders of different sizes that push into his skin.

The boulders represent our past and the pain we have experienced. We cannot let go of the hard times behind us, so there they sit as we carry them along our path.

We could feel depressed by the number of struggles we have gone through and our inability to fully let them go, or we could embrace it as something that makes us wiser, stronger, and more compassionate.

I think this card can speak both to our personal and collective pains. We feel heavier because of everything we have been through. But we are also more aware and hopefully more loving. 

We have grown in our empathy and our perceptions of life. We can feel and see things we couldn’t before. We know how to support people in ways that match what they truly need. We also can see through deceptive and corrupt actions.

Traditionally, the Prince of Disks is slower moving and takes their time to make decisions. They do this in order to think deeply about what is their next step.

The pains of their past have given them wisdom and insights. They use this knowledge to think through all the scenarios and what could go wrong.

With the Prince of Disks, we tend to be smarter in the choices we make. We do not fall for the same mistakes and we put our relationship with ourselves first.

However, we can also fall into a pattern of not making decisions or overthinking everything. Our past can make us overly critical and we can feel like inaction is the best choice. So, be on the lookout for any stalling behavior. We must still make decisions, even if we take more time to do so. 

Our second card this week is the Five of Cups also referred to as Disappointment. This card comes up in times of emotional sensitivity. We see five empty cups, representing feelings of depletion. Decaying water lilies and their knotted roots symbolize our inner troubles below the surface.

Our disappointment can come in many forms. Disappointment with ourselves, others, or the world itself. Maybe we had high expectations and things did not turn out the way we wanted. Maybe we feel overwhelmed by the all suffering in the world.

The Five of Cups asks you to feel your feelings. It is telling you it is okay to feel disappointed, it is part of the human experience. Let yourself cry, write down your thoughts, and really grieve.

But if you look closer at the roots at the bottom of the card you will see something else, a butterfly. The message here is that pain can be our catalyst for change and the fuel for our metamorphosis.

When a caterpillar becomes a butterfly it literally digests parts of itself. Cell groups then turn the liquid material that remains of the caterpillar into the eyes, wings, and other structures of the butterfly. It is truly amazing.

The Five of Cups is calling us to digest our pain and turn ourselves into something new. We can be our own version of a butterfly that floats on the wind and finds the nectar of each passing flower.

The Prince of Disks and Five of Cups are here to strengthen and support us this week. They show us the wealth of power inside. We have everything we need to move forward with love and awareness. 

Mantra for the week: I embrace pain and disappointment as my teachers. When I let myself feel my emotions, I experience transformation.

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