Nikki’s Weekly Tarot: October 24-30, 2021

Weekly Tarot

The cards pictured are from Uusi’s ‘Pagan Otherworlds’ deck.

Nine of Wands and The Lovers

This week we have a Solar New Moon Eclipse on October 25, which starts the final eclipse season for 2022. This New Moon is a portal for new beginnings and our cards are here to help us navigate this energy.

Through the cards, we reflect on our journey so far and hear the call to open our hearts. We are allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and experience the love around us. We set intentions for inviting in positive relationships.

A nine in tarot indicates we are coming to the end of a cycle in our lives. We have been working hard and we are nearing the finish line.

This could be a creative project we have been working on, a relationship, or a business. Whatever it is, it has been building for some time now and we are about to release this energy into the universe.

On this last leg of the journey, we might find ourselves questioning or growing doubtful. We might be impatient or feel nervous.

We might question if we will ever take that final step or what is on the other side once we do. We wonder if we have the energy for the last lap or if we are avoiding completion out of fear.

The Nine of Wands wants to fill us with confidence. It wants us to see how far we have come and allow that to fill us with pride. It knows we can make it through to the end.

Our strength for this journey looks more like vulnerability than clenched fists. We connect to our strength with emotional authenticity and truth.

We are so close to finishing this chapter and seeing the fruits of our labor. We need to rally our inner power and take the final step.

If we focus on our strengths we can let our doubts take a back seat. We deserve to see this all the way through and we will be so glad when we do.

Our second card this week is The Lovers. This card speaks to self-love as well as romantic love. There is an innocence and trust that comes with this card. This is our heart before we were ever hurt and before we became overly cautious with our emotions.

Through the energy of this card, we give our love freely to others. We feel whole in ourselves and are not looking for another person to make us complete.

Under the influence of The Lovers, we have a deep respect for ourselves. We do things that make us feel beautiful, cared for, and healthy. We treat ourselves like the kings and queens we are.

Through loving ourselves, we begin to trust the Universe again and start to love others with less fear. We work on our blocks and let go of the past.

We are calling in love that is on a higher plane. This love is ruled by emotional honesty and genuine expression. All parties are balanced in their effort, maturity, and vulnerability.

Depicted on The Lovers card are equal partners, entering into a spiritual marriage. Cupid and fate are blessing them with the might of Universal Love.

The Lovers is not about two halves becoming a whole, but two wholes coming together to make one joyful and healthy relationship. We are guided to make space for this type of love in our lives.

This card can point to romantic partnerships or business/creative partnerships as well. It indicates a high level of equality and respect by all parties involved.

We allow in our lives the relationships that we believe we deserve. When we raise our standards, better relationships naturally come towards us.

If you have lost optimism about this type of connection or don’t believe you deserve it, this is your sign to let go of that belief. It is time to have hope and know that you are worthy.

This belief, along with our inner work, will allow love to enter our world. We are no longer blocking love through our self-limiting thoughts.

Mantra for the week: I am filled with strength and trust in myself. I call in equal and loving partnerships.

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