Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: August 3-9, 2020

weekly tarot reading

The Moon and The 2 of Cups

With the energy of the Aquarius Full Moon in effect, our emotions are heightened as this week begins. We are feeling a mixture of heaviness, sensuality, and discovery.

The Lionsgate Portal on the 8th also brings healing, opening, creativity, and psychic energy. These vibrations impact us and our cards this week.

The Moon and the 2 of Cups speak to the complex energy we are holding. They show both darkness and hope, unknowing and truth, fear, and love.

The Moon is our first card and it shows us a dark night in the forest. We are trying to navigate our way through the trees, feeling unsure of our next steps.

We are traveling through a shadow land where we see fears, dreams, and mysteries of life. There can be much anxiety and doubt in this place if we stay too long.

But if we accept that we are here and allow it to activate creative and intuitive parts of our psyche, we can use this energy for good. But if we stay too long we can get lost in the night air.

When The Moon card appears, similar to the energy of Lionsgate, we can be visited by signs, spirits, and messages from loved ones. If we are open to it, this can bring us some clarity and peace.

Be open to the wisdom of The Moon but be careful not to be pulled down into too much darkness. We want to travel through its path, not set up our home there.

Our next card is the 2 of Cups. It’s the card of connection and romance. It is usually welcomed for its prophecy of love and good feelings.

This card is here to tell us that we deserve love and it is coming for us. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will fall in love with the person of your dreams tomorrow. But it does mean love feelings are coming for you.

Whether with a person, a job, a new hobby, or friend, love is on the way. But if this makes you scared or brings uncomfortable emotions you are not alone.

Feeling deserving of love has a lot to do with self-love. Practicing self-love and self-acceptance is a major part of any relationship. And the 2 of Cups is here to make that a little easier.

What once has felt tricky or difficult to accept about yourself, will feel a little easier this week. You feel a softness in the air and that will help with love in all ways.

Whether we are traveling through dark waters or floating on a raft of love, we will navigate complex emotions this week. Allow these feelings to go through you and don’t fear their presence. We can handle what comes our way.

Mantra for the week: Deep insights are found in the dark. I am deserving of love and I’m not afraid.

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