Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: August 6-12, 2018

weekly tarot reading

The Hermit and Knight of Disks

The Moon is waning until the New Moon Eclipse on the 11th, so it’s a perfect time to get quiet before we start a new cycle. The cards this week indicate just that, getting still and going within.

The Hermit is a lovely card about creating intentional time to be alone. This alone time will let us hear the wisdom inside ourselves. The card pictures a figure turning their gaze inward as they shine a beautiful light on their path.

There are symbols of fertility all around them: a snake wrapped around an egg, tall wheat, and a sperm like staff that contrasts against a red cloak. These are all fertility symbols that allow us to know that our time alone will be ripe with creativity and fresh ideas.

Through quieting our minds we can let divine messages in. We will see new insights and get closer to our personal truths. If you have been struggling with what direction you should take or difficult decisions of any kind, The Hermit energy will be very supportive for finding clarity.

The Hermit card references the personal spiritual journeys used by many cultures. The Aboriginals partake in ‘Walkabouts’, First People have the ritual of ‘Vision Quests’, and many cultures use labyrinth walking as a means of going within.

How can you create your own spiritual ritual for finding answers? A solo hike, camping trip, or even an hour long walk alone will help set the right tone for doing the Hermit’s work.

Before you go out on your solo time, make sure you leave your phone and other distractions at home. This will be your chance to think about yourself and whatever questions you have been ruminating about. It will serve you well to be present and not let thoughts of your ‘to-do list’ get in the way.

Ask your family or friends for support in this. If someone needs to watch your kids or take care of an errand for you, it is okay to ask! We need to be able to take time for ourselves and we shouldn’t feel guilty for asking.

The Knight of Disks compliments the energy of The Hermit. The knight on this card is the only knight in the whole deck that is not riding his horse in swift transit. Instead he is off his horse, standing beside his animal looking at the path before him.

He is contemplating his journey and taking time to reassess. He wants to make sure he is making the right choices and serving his highest self. This time to contemplate fills him with confidence, because he is able to reconnect to his inner voice.

When we are constantly on the go, we don’t have time to make sure we are doing what is best for ourselves, instead we are just on autopilot. The cards really want us to take time to think about our next move and listen to our hearts.

With the New Moon Eclipse on Saturday, this is the right time to slow down and plant our intentions. Make sure you take at least an hour of alone time this week to think about what you want and need.

If we dedicate this time (phone free) it will really help us continue on our path in a stronger and wiser way. If you can make this time, the Hermit and Knight of Disks will be there to guide and support you.

Mantra for the week: I slow down in order to take time to think. I use my inner wisdom to lead me where I need to go. It feels good to make time for myself. 

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