Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: December 2-8, 2019

weekly tarot reading
The cards pictured are from the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck.

The 9 of Pentacles and Temperance

These two cards are about hard work and balance. They bring the good news that our dedication will pay off this week. We see some light on the horizon and feel motivated to keep going.

The 9 of Pentacles is a warm and welcoming card. It tells us that we will see the fruits of our efforts. Since the Pentacles rules health, wealth, and relationships, our gains will be in one of those areas.

Have you been working hard on your mental or physical health? Have you been grinding in your career or at school? Or have you been making the extra effort in your relationships?

Whatever you have been focusing on will have a breakthrough this week. It could be in the form of a promotion, a raise, a good report, or an improvement in a relationship.

However, these fruits don’t have to come from an outside source. It could also come in the form of your own acknowledgment.

This week we ease up on our self-judgment and criticism. We are able to see how much work we do on a daily basis.

The 9 of Pentacles is a card about the gifts we have accumulated. We have a clearer vision of ourselves: our talent, effort, and impact. This is honestly the best breakthrough of all.

It is great to be seen and appreciated by others, but it’s the most powerful to be able to do that for yourself. Use the energy this week to kickstart this process.

Take a moment to acknowledge yourself. Write down things you have worked on this year and say thank you to yourself.

Don’t get caught up on what you have accomplished (or are yet to accomplish) but instead focus on what you have worked on.

Each day we put in so much effort just to get through. We are all battling many difficulties that usually remain hidden. Only we know how hard we have worked, so say thank you to yourself.

Temperance is a card of balance. The beautiful Blue Heron on the card is standing next to a fire. Droplets of water enter the flame as the bird creates a balance of elements.

The Temperance card often showcases some sort of process of alchemy. The blending of different items to create something new and even more valuable.

The Temperance card asks us to do this in ourselves. We are seeking a balancing and blending in order to create a healthy and vibrant path.

Contemplate what you have too much of in your life right now and what you are missing.

Is there something you have given up on that you would like to bring back? An activity or an outlet you are craving?

Or are you doing too much of one thing that is draining you? Could you see how you could create a little more variety in your current routine?

The energy of the Temperance card will help us see where we are off-balance this week.

It will call us to make sure our scales are a little more in balance. It asks us to love ourselves and create a healthier path forward.

Mantra for the week: I thank myself for all my hard work. I bring in balance to my daily life.

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