Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: December 23-30, 2019

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The Knight of Cups and The Fool

It is our last week of 2019 and there is a Solar Eclipse on the 25-26th. This is a highly emotional time. It is also a time for reflection and planning ahead.

A Solar Eclipse is an extremely potent New Moon. A New Moon is always a time of setting our intentions for the future and allowing our dreams to take shape.

Under the energy of the last days of the year and with the wisdom of the cards, we can go deep into our desires and listen to our inner voice.

The first card we pulled is the Knight of Cups. This is the perfect card to partner with the Solar Eclipse because it is all about our goals.

Since the Knight is a Cup card, it is connected to our emotions. The card calls us to set emotional goals for ourselves and the new year.

For me, striving to always stay positive or jumping straight to positivity is not my emotional goal. I strive for acceptance of all emotions and thoughts. Making negativity the enemy is harmful and my goal is to stop that in 2020.

Negativity and heavy emotions are normal. Grief is a natural reaction to losing someone you love. It is okay to be sad, upset, depressed, apathetic, overwhelmed, and negative. We need to let those emotions have their voice. We need to tell them it is okay that they are here.

When we acknowledge our feelings without judgment, something amazing tends to happen. We can feel a little bit lighter. We still feel sad and negative, but we don’t feel the added layer of guilt from feeling that way.

The holiday time can be filled with guilt because we are supposed to be so jolly and festive. We can feel like we are disappointing people if we are not in the holiday spirit.

But you don’t have to betray your feelings to make others feel good. You can feel lonely, sad, or heavy. You don’t have to fake it for anyone. You can connect to your true emotions and honor them how you see fit.

When we respond to how we are really feeling we are connecting deeply with ourselves. The purpose is not to make our feelings go away, but to give them a space of love and say “I see you and I honor you.”

The Fool card is a different energy from the Knight of Cups, but it brings its added wisdom to our intentions moving forward.

The Fool points to the spirit of a fearless child and their boundless imagination. The Fool is the first card in the Tarot and represents the energy of a new soul that is not familiar with pain and has not become jaded.

The Fool is all about taking risks and lightening the load of emotional baggage. Its mantra is: “Leap and the net will appear.”

The vibrations of this card push us to move through our fears in order to step into the present. The Fool calls us to focus on areas of our lives where we want to take chances.

Starting new relationships, business ventures, or travels are all connected to The Fool. This card is most activated when fresh paths are being taken.

So ask yourself:

What new adventure do you want to embark on in 2020?

Is there a business you want to start? A place you want to visit?

Do you want to open your heart to new people? Do you want to open your heart to yourself?

This Fool can bring up fear. Many of us have become too familiar with pain, heartbreak, and failure and these things make us afraid of leaping.

But The Fool has faith in the goodness of being and asks us to lovingly take down our walls. With the added support of the Knight of Cups and Solar Eclipse, we feel encouraged to make bold goals.

The more we give space for our true self, the safer we will feel in ourselves. Creating an inner safe haven will allow us to take risks with less fear. When we are there for ourselves and we can always return home.

Sending you so much love in this last week of 2019. This community is truly a blessing and I am honored to read my cards for you. It brings great joy to continue this work in the new decade.

Mantra for the week: I honor my emotions and allow all feelings to have a voice. From a place of connection to myself, I will take risks in the new year.

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