Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: December 27, 2021-January 2, 2022

Weekly Tarot

The cards depicted are from the Visconti-Sforza tarot deck.

Ten of Wands and Four of Wands

Before we dive into the cards, I want us to take a deep breath, relax our shoulders, and whisper thank you to ourselves for making it through this year. We should feel proud of all the hard work, bravery, and perseverance we showed in these last months. Life continues to throw us curves and challenges but we always make it through.

As we come to the end of the calendar, the cards share their wisdom and support. They allow us to hear guidance from the universe and connect to our intuition. Tarot is a beautiful tool I continue to feel gratitude for year after year.

The first card we are working with is the Ten of Wands. It is here to help us have awareness for all things we have been carrying and putting on ourselves. And as a ten card, we are at the end of a cycle and ready for a new way of doing things.

The many wands of this card are our worries, responsibilities, projects, and thoughts. We built them up slowly but now the load is too heavy to carry and we are at our limit.

If we try to take them on all at once, the task will be impossible. But if we step back and think more objectively about how to move forward, we will end up in a lighter place. We can break the wands up into smaller pieces and ask for support in order to manage the load.

The Ten of Wands also points to a block in our communication. Maybe there are things we are wanting to share that we have had a hard time saying. Maybe we have not known the right words to express how we feel.

How can we get clearer with what we want to say? How can we push ourselves to connect to what we want to see happen? How can we ask for help when we need it?

I recommend writing things down. Write what you need to release and where you want to see changes for this next year. Doing this will help get the energy out of your body and into the universe where it can start to be processed and eventually healed.

We are being called to work on our bundle of wands and allow others to help us. Remember, we do not have to take on everything all at once. Maybe just sharing out loud what you are carrying can be the first step.

Our next card is the Four of Wands. This is a card of joy, exuberance, celebration. With the Ten of Wands, it can feel like we are just trying to make it through the day, but with the Four of Wands, we are really living our lives.

The Four of Wands calls us to have gratitude for our friends, families, and communities. It is about seeing how much support we have and allowing this to fill us with pride and power.

This card often speaks to a wedding, spiritual ceremony, or celebration of some kind. We are called to honor our community and publicly state how grateful we are for our loved ones.

This card asks us to think about the web of support in our lives and to shine a light on those we care about. It wants us to center ourselves in belonging and the feeling of being nurtured. When we connect to this place it gives us superpowers.

If you have been struggling with fear, doubt, or self-worth, this card is here to remind you of the important part you play on this earth. If you have been getting in your head or isolating yourself, this card is here to show you that you are not alone.

Through our connection to the Four of Wands, we can see our way through the Ten of Wands. We know our sacred community will help us with the load we are carrying. We enter the new year with gratitude and a plan to share our burdens. We call in joy, exuberance, and celebration for 2022.

Mantra for the week: As I close out the year, I release what I can no longer carry and allow myself to be supported. I step forward feeling loved and alive.

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