Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: December 3-9, 2018

weekly tarot reading
The Hierophant and Strength

We are continuing to receive messages and signs from the Universe. The Hierophant card is here for another week to let us know that we are still gaining information on where to go to next.

Last week we pulled the Fortune and The Hierophant. This week The Hierophant has stuck around to let us know we should still be on the lookout for clues on where to turn our wheel.

We are in a time of transition. We are ready to go to the next level but we are not sure what direction to go in. With The Hierophant in our corner, movies, songs, teachings, and mentors will pop up to give us sage advice.

Open your eyes and heart to the knowledge of the Universe. See the messages that will lead you where you need to go. Hear the sounds calling you to your path.

We are in Sagittarius season and there is a New Moon on the 7th. These vibrations are all about planting seeds and growing new adventures. Mercury will also go direct this week, so we will be able to hear the messages of the cosmos and those around us more clearly.

We are in a time of taking off on exciting journeys and creating fresh ideas. Keep your eyes peeled for specific signs meant give you a push in the right direction. Be ready to take in all that is around you. The call of The Hierophant will be amplified.

The Strength card accompanies The Hierophant this week. It is a powerful card that depicts a beautiful lion with a rose in its mouth. The sun is shining above its head and there is light radiating in all directions.

This card speaks of strength not as brute force or intense power, but instead as quiet strength that is built on patience. This strength is stronger than being aggressive or physically powerful. It is all about intuition and self-awareness.

The lion on the card has the power to devour the rose, but instead holds the flower still. There is restraint being displayed. There are strategies and plans being made. It is all about the big picture instead of the instant gratification.

My best friend has a personal mantra: discipline is freedom. This helps her to think long term and make decisions that set her up to have more choices in the long run.

It is far too tempting to give in to the easier path now. It is natural to eat the rose, especially if you have big sharp teeth like the lion.

But if we listen to our intuition and have a moment of self-awareness, we will hear the messages that point us to the healthier choice. If we are driven by fear, anger, lust or jealously, we will make decisions that are short sided and often unhealthy.

Strength is all about patience. It is about slowing down long enough to hear what we need rather than what we want. It is about building a solid path ahead.

This card is connected to The Heirophant because they both call us to be still. They want us to tap into the power of listening before we make any decisions.

When on the path to find a new direction it can be tempting to make quick choices, but remember that timing is so important if we want things to go well.

If we are rushing things or forcing things to happen they will not be turn out the way we want.

Openness and patience will be your friends this week. We can set ourselves up for success by planning, listening, and staying aware. There is so much goodness on the horizon.

Mantra for the week: The Universe has a glorious path for me. I am both open and patient when receiving signs on where to go.

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