Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: December 4-10, 2017

weekly tarot reading

The 6 of Swords, Science, and The Ace of Disks

The 6 of Swords comes to tell us a story.

Imagine being on a boat that has gone through stormy waters. The seas tossed you around and covered you with salty water. You may have felt dreadfully confused as you were unable to see through the fog and clouds. There was a great deal of suffering as you held on tightly to your vessel.

But then the sea calmed and now you can see clearly. The calmer waters allow you to reconnect to yourself. The fog has lifted and you are making your way to dry land.

On dry land, you have a clearer view and are able to make demanding or difficult decisions more easily. You are able to connect to your logical thinking and make choices from a non-anxious place.

The 6 of Swords brings us greater objectivity. Much like a scientist, we are able to sort through the evidence and make decisions based on true facts. We can zoom out and see with a birds-eye view, removing our personal biases and grasping situations with clarity.

Before we felt confused and stuck, but now we are able to choose things that will bring us more stability and happiness based on this clearer perspective.

So put these skills to use this week. Focus on areas where you have felt stuck and use the energy of the 6 of Swords to sort through the blockages.

This is a perfect time to organize, de-clutter, and plan. The balance of emotions and intellect also makes us able to navigate delicate situations or conversations with loved ones more easily.

Many people say when Mercury is in Retrograde, December 3-22, that communication is difficult and important conversations should be avoided.

However, Mercury in Retrograde is also about analyzing your past and closing up loose ends. And the 6 of Swords will aid you in speaking with clarity.

But if you want to avoid retrograde time for the actual conversations, use this energy to get clear with yourself and write down your thoughts for sharing after the 22nd.

The Ace of Disks is also a very positive card and can also be slightly contrary to the usual advice during Mercury Retrograde.

You are usually advised not to start new projects under the retrograde energy, but The Ace of Disks says that this is safe! The Ace of Disks marks the start of a new venture that will likely be successful.

This card comes up to show a new job/passion project that is underway or a deepening of a project you have already started. This will be the sort of venture that seems to be continuously moving, taking you to each new step almost organically. You are gaining so many new skills at each level that you are surprising yourself!

The rings of the Ace of Disks are akin to the rings of a tree. Each one shows a mark of growth and each one could not exist without the one before. Humans grow in a similar fashion. We need each milestone to allow us to move to the next part of our evolution. We cannot skip steps.

We do not come out of the womb running nor do we learn without experiencing failure. The Ace of Disks reminds us of this and sees success in the journey of growth. Honor all of the steps of your venture this week: begin, middle and end. Each one is necessary and important.

Disks also rule over all things physical: Nature, health, wealth, and relationships. So this card is also a boost to each these areas. Do not be surprised to have unexpected success in one of these realms this week.

These optimistic cards can lead to an especially great week. Really harness their power of clarity and success. Whatever you do this week will be aided by their powers of positivity.

Mantra for the week: “I can see clearly now as my emotions and intellect are in balance. My communication is clear and my projects are successful. My relationships, health, and wealth are all strong.” 

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