Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: February 10-16, 2020

weekly tarot reading
Tarot cards by Uusi’s Pagan Otherworlds

Wheel of Fortune and First Quarter Moon

This week we are coming off of the energy of the Leo Full Moon and entering a time of reflection and love. With Valentine’s Day on the 14th, we have our heart front and center.

The first of our two cards is the Wheel of Fortune. It is sharing the message of open possibilities. It wants us to know that our lives are full of potential and we can go in any direction. 

We have all the gifts, talents, and abilities to live the life we truly desire, we just have to say yes. Doubt and fear limit us and the Wheel wants to examine what role they play in our choices.

It calls us to align our being with our true path and to open our hearts to this energy. It wants us to allow the Universe to guide us to where we need to go.

When the Wheel of Fortune comes up, it is a time of powerful energy and poignant signs. Look out of symbols and signs this week that are calling you to your true path.

The Wheel of Fortune also points to the illusion of control. We want to be the sole creators of our destiny. We want power over the world around us and to make sense of it all through reason and rules.

But the Wheel calls us to connect to a deeper knowing. Something animals, like the lion, bear and white elk on the card, do extremely well.

Animals show us that we cannot control the world but we are a part of it. We can let the world guide us. We can live in our instinct and intuition, in flow with creation.

When we center in our own heart with faith, we step into a path that brings us a calm sense of certainty.

To step out of your thinking and into your heart, try connecting with an animal that feels like your kindred spirit. Close your eyes and visualize that animal coming forward to you. Take in its presence and listen to whatever message it sends you.

For me, I visualized a humpback whale. I saw it coming to the surface of the cold, clear ocean, its blowhole pushing out water and steam. There was a freshness and an ancientness at the same time.

I felt quiet and renewed in its presence. It sent me the message of my worthiness and my desire to take care of myself. To spend time by the water to nourish my body, instead of overextending each day.

For Valentine’s Day, caring for myself as a priority will be my gift. The love I am most needing is for myself. I feel that message strongly and will be slowing down so I can do this work.

See what message you receive from your animal guide. Spend time this week allowing messages and signs to come through by quieting your mind.

The First Quarter Moon card tells us it is a time for growth and change. Just as the moon grows so do we, especially if we are open to it.

This card amplifies the expansive energy of the Wheel of Fortune. Letting us know this is a time of perspective shifts and heightened awareness.

These cards send us encouragement and wisdom. They share tools and inspiration for how to connect to our path and our hearts. I hope you can use their guidance to bring more love and understanding to your life.

Mantra for the week: I am part of the world and step into the flow of creation. I am a wise and loving being.

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