Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: January 18-24, 2021

weekly tarot reading

The Prince of Wands and Ten of Disks

We are starting a new astrological season, with Aquarius beginning the 19/20th. And we have two cards here to guide our way as we take on a new week.

The Prince of Wands rides a red and orange chariot pulled by a fierce and focused lion. He is resourceful, fun, and energetic. He is also a bit spontaneous. Always the life of the party, he goes after what he wants.

This may not feel like our vibe right now, but this card is here to help us channel the energy. We need a little positive electricity in our lives, and the Prince of Wands is here to provide.

The Prince is a welcomed and joyous card. He is full of grounded confidence. He brings his self-assurance and the ability to overcome obstacles that once held us back.

He also brings the gift of a new perspective. He allows us to focus on our strengths. He also lets us see ourselves as the hero of our story instead of the victim.

This confidence does not come from his ego. Instead, it comes from the fact that he has always overcome the traumas and barriers in life and come out on the other side. He knows he can face difficulties and continue on his path. His experience brings him power.

The Prince of Wands comes up to remind us of our own youthful and capable energy. How can we tap into this? How can access our vibrant and spontaneous side?

This card is full of vitality. So if there are areas in your life where you need an energy boost, use the charge that comes from the Prince of Wands.

Do something that ignites your passion: Tackle a project that has been collecting dust, reach out to a volunteer group, or connect with your most fun friend. Another way to aid in this vibrational flow is to add some movement or exercise to your day.

Find whatever feels good to you and add some fire to your life.

The 10 of Disks is asking us to take stock of the wealth in our lives. Whether it’s financial or personal, the more we notice what we have, the more we will amplify this energy. 

Ask yourself: What in your life gives you joy? What’s going well? What do you have that brings you comfort?

Spend some time thinking about your personal riches, and write them down. Read them out loud and allow yourself to feel the powerful emotion of gratitude.

The number 10 in the Tarot is all about reflection at the end of a cycle. In order to move to an even greater place (financially, personally, or professionally) that act of being aware and grateful for what you have now is crucial.

The Universe wants to hear us acknowledge all that is positive in order to give us more of the good stuff. But be careful when acknowledging the negativity, we don’t want to get sucked into a cycle of only that.

The 10 of Disks, or Wealth, wants us to know how strong we are and how many resources we have. It is a card about connecting with the richness of our lives.

Our family, friends, and physical bodies make us rich. The plants, animals, art, music, and intelligence of our planet makes our cup run over. We are being asked to look beyond our financial goals and see how valuable even a sunrise can be if we let it.

This week, focus on all we have that makes us rich. Think of the things that truly matter and make you feel blessed. From this place, we call in abundance and success. We are full of strength for the new astrological season.

Mantra for the week: “My wealth and energy are boundless. I’m grateful for all I have.”

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