Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: January 27-February 2, 2020

weekly tarot reading
The cards pictured are from the Modern Witch Tarot.

The Queen of Wands and Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is the fiery aspect of water, emotional but driven. Their gaze is on the cup in front of them as they move forward on their path.

This card tells us that we are unable to see everything around us because we are so inwardly focused. We are missing the bigger picture and becoming one-track minded.

The Knight of Cups wants us to see how we are spending our time, if our actions are in line with our priorities. If we are exerting a lot of emotional energy on one thing, it might be blocking a more holistic experience of life.

What currently is consuming you? How are your feelings keeping you from the larger world? What can you do to lighten the grip of your emotions?

We are called to examine what we are investing our time and feelings into. Through meditation, journaling, or talking with someone we trust, we need to see if we are allowing too much of one thing to call the shots in our life.

For me, worrying about making the ‘right’ choice is taking up almost all of my energy right now. It is the cup in front of me that is blocking all the beauty in my view. I am stuck in my inner world rather than taking action.

This is where the Queen of Wands comes in to support us this week.

The Queen of Wands represents our fiery side. She is the spark inside us all. She is the energy that makes us fight for what we deserve even when we feel depleted or fearful.

She is our passion that bubbles up when we see injustices in the world. She is our badass who makes it through the worst of days and comes out stronger.

She is tough and opinionated. She is a great leader and extremely confident. Her power motivates us to go out there and accomplish things. She reminds us that we always have access to the fire inside.

We may feel like our watery emotions have dampened our fire, but it is always there. Sometimes just a small kick start will get us moving and activate our inner Queen of Wands.

What is a fiery action you can take this week? Can you get sweaty on a run, do an errand you have been putting off, or spending time in a place that makes you feel powerful?

Light candles in your house this week. Put on music that makes you feel like a warrior. Write down all the reasons you are strong and worthy.

We are called to evoke the fire inside, and the Queen of Wands will give us many opportunities. Say yes and allow the flames to ignite you.

Mantra for the week: I step back and see my blocks. I connect to my inner fire and take action.

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