Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: January 31-February 6, 2022

The deck pictured here is the Aquarian Tarot.

Three of Cups and Queen of Rods

This week brings the Aquarius New Moon on January 31st-February 1st. This is our first new moon of the year and marks the start of the Lunar New Year. For many, this is a time of celebration and setting intentions.

With the vibrations of the New Moon and the Lunar New Year in the air, you might feel called to clean your home, release negative energy, and bring fresh ideas to life. Aquarius also helps us to think out of the box and shift our perspectives. And the cards this week guide us on how to use the power in the cosmos to the fullest.

The Three of Cups is our first card. Here we see three people lifting their glasses, perhaps full of wine, to cheers one another. This is a card of celebratory joy and abundance.

Celebration of any kind creates moments where the light can shine in. And when we are grateful for the here and now we are able to experience more positivity.

I know we all have been feeling the heaviness of the world for some time. This heaviness has been hard to carry as we struggle to stay light and positive.

Though we cannot control the world, we can control how we choose to move through it. The way we interact causes a chain reaction. If we put out celebratory energy we will attract that same energy back to us.

The Three of Cups is all about friendship and abundance. It is about spending time with those rare and sacred friends that truly know you and bring so much happiness into your life.

This card foresees you spending time with those you love this week and creating special memories. Perhaps there is an upcoming celebration already planned or you can make an excuse to celebrate even the smallest of successes.

It is a gift to have good people around us, especially when times are dark. Make sure you let them know how much they mean to you and honor your relationships. We feel grounded through our connection to loved ones. We feel called to celebrate our bonds as well as the power of the New Moon.

Our next card is the Queen of Rods. The Queen’s body is adorned with the beauties of the earth. In one arm she is holding a staff that grounds her. With the other, she is holding treasures of fresh greens and sunflowers from the forest. All these items share their good health and grace.

The Queen of Rods is our trusted guardian. She nurtures others and herself through her earthly wisdom and cunning use of resources. She is in our corner, helping us feel bold and courageous. Her generous spirit will fill us up and we will feel safe and inspired under the New Moon.

She is here to help us tap into our own wisdom, to help us replace fear with knowledge. Our fears usually live in our imagining of the unknown. But when we have awareness, we can be less afraid.

The Queen of Rods offers her intelligent and grounded energy to us. She says to fill your home with beautiful things and enjoy the magical pleasures of this planet. She calls us to connect to what is ancient and powerful in us. To nurture our bodies and provide our strength to others in need.

Honor yourself, your loved ones, and the earth this week. Allow the power of the Aquarius New Moon to inspire you and set bold intentions for this next cycle. Even in dark times, there is much to be thankful for.

Mantra for the week: I celebrate moments both big and small. I let go of fear and move from a place of love.

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