Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: July 13-19, 2020

weekly tarot reading
The cards pictured are from the Modern Witch Tarot.
The Hermit and Eight of Swords

As we continue to navigate this pandemic, many of our lives are impacted daily. Our circles have become smaller and we are still spending more time at home.

The Hermit’s energy continues to call to us. It wants us to listen to its wisdom and grow from this experience.

The Hermit shows us spending a lot of time alone. Many of us are already doing that through our social distancing and quarantining. But this card calls us to use this time to go deeper within ourselves, to be introspective and curious about who we are.

If you are a natural introvert this will be an easy ask of you. But if you are more comfortable being social with others, it might be more of a challenge.

But the Hermit tells us that we can feel invigorated by sending time alone. We can learn a lot about ourselves from going within.

This time will let us hear the wisdom inside ourselves. The Hermit card shows a figure touching a laptop. She could be opening or closing the computer depending on your perspective.

If you see the laptop as open, it could represent your need for tools or knowledge to help you cope during this time. If you see the laptop as being closed, it could represent your need to take a break from media of all types and focus on your own self-care.

Some of us are in need of guides, therapists, or healers at this time, and others need more solitude in the truest sense of the word. Whatever you need for your growth and mental health, make sure you take it.

This is a powerful time where we can observe ourselves and see both our strengths and our flaws. We can work on things we have wanted to address and build up our power for when we reconnect with the world.

The 8 of Swords has joined the Hermit to give us even more insight this week. This card is about perspective, boundaries, and awareness.

We are able to tap into this card when we are using the conscious and introspective energy of the Hermit.

The 8 of Swords points to a feeling of being trapped. The figure on the card reflects this by being tied-up, blindfolded, and surrounded by swords.

We might feel trapped by the Hermit energy or the need to be socially distant. We might be trapped by the negativity of the world around us.

But this card wants to remind us that no matter how trapped we may feel, we always have some control. We do not need to surrender to the negativity or hopelessness.

The ropes around us are not too tight, with a little effort we can loosen their grip and release ourselves. We can change our perspective, set up boundaries, or evoke the skills that make us strong.

If we surrender to the pains of life we will be paralyzed by them. The 8 of Swords calls us to fight against feelings of helplessness and remember our intelligence and strength.

Though we are all facing a wide range of struggles, tapping into our optimism and tools will help us through whatever we are facing. We have the power to make the best of things for ourselves, we just need to remember that.

Mantra for the week: I use my time alone to grow wiser and stronger. I can free myself from burdens or restraints.

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