Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: July 16-22, 2018

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The Devil, The Prince of Disks, and The Ace of Wands

There are three cards this week. The first two cards have a powerful and purposeful energy but are heavy. So I felt the urge to pull a third card. I am glad I did because we got an energetic card that will bring movement and hope to our path.

We pulled The Devil card last week and this week. That means we really need to hear its message. The card is pointing us to something that is blocking our progress.

As you remember, The Devil card has a complex meaning. But there are two that stand out, the first is about addiction and the second is about pleasure. To read more about this in detail, check out last week’s reading.

The card could be pointing to an addiction with a substance, a relationship, or a pattern of thinking. It could also be that we are holding ourselves back from something we really want or would bring us pleasure out of shame or fear.

Whatever the card is addressing for you, the universe really wants you to take notice. The card came up again to let you know, you need to examine what is blocking your path.

What are you doing that is hindering a vibrant and passionate life? How can you face the ways you are in a holding pattern? What are you covering up and what are you afraid of facing?

The next card in our reading gives us some insight into what we might be needing to face in order to stop our unhealthy behaviors. The Prince of Disks is a card full of pain, but also full of wisdom.

The prince sits in a cumbersome chariot that is slowly moving along. The back of where he sits is covered in small round boulders. As he travels, each one pushes into his skin.

The boulders represent our past experiences, it seems we can never quite shake them. We feel them with each step, making us fearful and untrusting.

But even though the prince feels his past and moves slowly as a result, he is still moving forward.

The past guides him with the wisdom of experience. He can move more intentionally now because he is aware of the pitfalls along the way. He sees his past as a blessing.

How can we see our past in this light this week?

Having a painful past does have a huge impact on us, and sometimes it is hard to see these experience in a positive light. But if we shift our minds, we can start to be thankful for what we have experienced instead of being angry or resentful.

So what does it look like to face our past and not avoid it with unhealthy behaviors?

I think this starts with acceptance. Once we accept those boulders at our back, we can move forward with them. And through acceptance they become less painful.

If we wish we had a different past we will be stuck in a cycle of avoidance. If we accept the past we have, we can face it and allow it to lose its edge. It is no longer scary because we faced it head on.

Through accepting our past we might be able to see the positive things we learned as a result. We will then allow ourselves to be more trusting and less fearful as we move forward. We will see ourselves as wise instead of weak.

To top off the reading, the Ace of Wands is here to tell you that new growth is all around you. It sees The Devil and Prince of Disks as cards of tremendous expansion.

If we listen to the messages of these cards, our outlook will shift and we will be more open to life. Creative and fertile energy will flow from us.

The Ace of Wands will be encouraging us as we do some heavy lifting around what is holding us back.

All our hard work will bring us to new joy.

Mantra for the week: I accept my past and let go any unhealthy and avoidant behaviors. I see my past as a story of strength that gives me wisdom and endurance. I allow in light and positivity. 

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