Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: July 24-30, 2017

weekly tarot reading

Fortune and 8 of Swords, Interference

We have been getting these messages a lot lately, so we gotta listen up! And with the New Moon this week, it is a perfect opportunity for these messages to really shine through.

Fortune has been in our readings many, many times this year. This means the Universe has a deeply powerful lesson for us and really wants our attention. Are we listening?

The Fortune card says: set your sights high! You limit yourself with small goals and small asks, but Fortune says reach for the Moon!

If you remember from past readings, Fortune is ruled by the bountiful god Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and without Jupiter’s gravitational pull, our planet would not be intact.

For life on Earth to exist we need to have the right elements, we need to be a perfect distance away from the Sun and we need a big planet like Jupiter to help shield us from asteroids and comets.

Without Jupiter we would not be here. So Jupiter is our good luck charm and our protector. And its energy is helping to open doors and bring prosperity.

But here is the rub, we have to ask for it! The Universe and the special powers of Jupiter cannot bring us what we want, or even greater, if we don’t ask.

So why do we have such a hard time asking?

This card keeps coming up to tell us to put details to our dreams and truly ask for what we want. The card is demanding that we set our sights high and trust that with our work, the Universe will fulfill our wishes.

So why do we keep limiting our selves with small goals? Why can’t we ask for our big dreams?

Interference, or the 8 of Swords, tell us that there is a mental block. Something is blocking us from asking and putting details and plans together.

Is this connected to our relationship with ourselves? Do we truly believe we are deserving of our dreams?

Perhaps we need to work on our self-love in order to ask for what we want. If we don’t love who we are, we might not believe we deserve the highest and best.

How can we show love to ourselves? How can we work on our most important relationship?

I would start this week by saying I love you in the mirror once each morning. This simple act will kickstart your self-love and acceptance attitude.

You are so deserving little chickens! You just have to believe.

Another thing you might try is getting out of your blocked mind and getting into your body.

Interference is all about mental blocks and the Sword cards are connected to the mind/thinking. We gotta get the mind out of the equation, or at least distract it for a while.

What activity can you do this week to be present in your body? Is it cooking, walking, making-out?

I highly encourage a body-present activity to lessen the pull of our overwhelming and blocked heads.

After your senses are consumed by the activity of your choosing, return to your dreams and see if you can ask without those pesky blocks. Getting out of our heads will help us be more free and open to our own desires.

The Universe is pleading with us to set our sights high!  And it wants nothing more than to helps us achieve our goals.

Mantra for the week: I am ready to listen to the Universe and set my sights high. I believe I am deserving of the best and let go of all mental blocks. 

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