Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: June 24-30, 2019

3 of Wands and The Tower

With the June Solstice causing us to pause and contemplate, Neptune going into retrograde, and the start of Cancer Season, we have a lot powerful energy this week.

The Tower is back again to let us know that through all these changes, inner truth will be our theme. The Tower wants us to focus on the truth above all else. It wants us to be vigilant in our truth finding and cut out any falseness in our lives.

When the Tower comes up it forces us to ask: How are you holding on to a story that is hurting you? What are you currently doing that doesn’t make you feel good? Who is in your life that doesn’t support your growth? 

This card calls us to cut out the unhealthy aspects of our life. If we don’t, some things might start to crumble on their own.

We need a strong foundation in which to move forward, so how can you make sure your ground is secure?

Really question the narratives you tell yourself. The Tower is calling us to examine how we view ourselves and the lies we tell ourselves about our worth.

We are worthy of so much but we can convince ourselves we are not. The Tower is not going to stand for those beliefs any longer. So start shedding those thoughts as soon as possible.

Tanaaz writes,”When Neptune energy is strong, it allows us to peel back the curtain, to look beyond the veil and the barriers so we can find a new truth, a new understanding, and a new way of thinking.

Neptune wants us to tap into a higher consciousness and delve into the heart of our Spirit. It wants to remind us that there is no separation, that the stories we tell ourselves are simply myths, and that things are not always what they seem.”

The combination of Neptune in retrograde and The Tower will make for a powerful time of transformation and letting go of old beliefs. We will come out of this time with more clarity and strength.

The 3 of Wands is also connected to our journey towards inner truth and discovery. It is easy to misinterpret this card to be about ‘doing the right thing’ according to a set of societal codes.

Instead, the 3 of Wands is about personal excellence, both in our actions and in ethics. It’s about finding out what matters to us and what our values are deep inside.

It is about living in accordance to what we care about most. It calls us to create and maintain high standards. The next step is developing the confidence and strength of character to live out those standards in our everyday lives.

Spend time this week finding your “ethical center.” Quiet your mind through meditation, a long walk, or journaling. Think about where you might be disconnected from your center and how you could adjust.

Forgive yourself for the ways you have strayed from your center. Know that we always have time to reconnect to what is important to us.

We have so much good inside of us and we are never too far from our hearts.

Mantra for the week: I let go of all untruths about myself and live out my beliefs through my actions.

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