Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: June 27-July 4, 2021

weekly tarot reading
Deck featured is the Aquarian Tarot deck.

The Lovers and Three of Swords

We are making our way through Cancer season and this week our cards point to our relationships. They call us to invest in the important people in our lives and release those that no longer support our growth.

With the Three of Swords, we are asked to look at the surrounding card to find out more about its meaning. That card is meant to help us understand how to work with its energy.

Since the Three of Swords points to feelings of pain and The Lovers speaks to our most central relationships, together these cards have us doing work around our hearts. The emotions may be heavy as we journey through disappointment and heartache.

How do you work with the pain from your past? How do you stay present with the feelings and not numb them away? And how do you not let them take you down completely?

By sitting with our feelings and honoring them, the heaviness can be addressed. They will not go away immediately, but through our acceptance, the emotions will dissipate a bit.

Once we face how we feel, it will not be as scary or overwhelming. We can then work with the energy and think about what is really hurting us. We can talk to a friend, write a letter, and name the feelings.

We can also find solidarity in others who might feel the same way right now. Currently, there are many who are feeling betrayed and brokenhearted. And we are never alone in our emotions as everyone can relate to the feelings of pain.

Through working through our personal feelings, we might be able to be there for someone else that is hurting. Through supporting a loved one, some of our own heartbreak can be mended.

When we releasing some of our pain, we can make room in our hearts for new energy. The Lovers card can then share its message of love and hope.

Depicted on The Lovers card are equal partners, entering into a spiritual marriage. Cupid and fate are blessing them with the might of Universal Love.

The Lovers is not about two halves becoming a whole, but two wholes coming together to make one joyful and healthy relationship. We are guided to make space for this type of love in our lives.

If you have lost optimism about this type of love or don’t believe you deserve it, this is your sign to let go of that belief. It is time to have hope and know that you are worthy.

This belief, along with our inner-work, will allow love to enter our world. We are no longer blocking love through our self-limiting thoughts.

We are called to listen to ourselves and the Universe. Let the vibration of these cards guide you under the influence of romantic Cancer season.

This week, let yourself receive these messages and take action to open your heart. The cosmos is full of signs and energy, we just have to be open to their calling.

Mantra for the week: I release pain I am carrying in my heart. I call in love and fulfillment to my life.

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