Intuitive Astrology: Cancer Season 2021

cancer season astrology 2021

The start of Cancer Season is always a special celestial event as it coincides with the June 20/21 Solstice. 

The Solstice represents either the longest or shortest day of the year depending on which hemisphere of the world you live in. It is also said to be a time where the veil between dimensions is thin, allowing us greater access into the unseen worlds. 

It has also been said that at the time of the Solstice, the energy grid of the entire planet moves into the same frequency, creating a powerful harmony that can be used for healing and ritual work.

Along with the Solstice energies, this year’s Cancer Season also begins with Venus aligning in a trine with Neptune. This is a beautiful combination of energy and will add to the harmony. 

There is no doubt that the last month has been challenging as we have navigated through Eclipse Season, but it’s nice to see that Cancer Season brings some tempering of intensity and a lot more harmony to enjoy!

As we make our way through the sign of the crab, we also get to enjoy a special and very rare alignment of Venus and Mars, which again is a harmonizing force, especially in matters of love and relationships.

Just like the loyal crab, it seems that Cancer Season 2021 is a gentle, nourishing time where we can move at our own pace, focus on healthy relationships, and spend time nurturing and creating inner and outer harmony in our lives. 

Here are the key astrological dates for Cancer Season 2021 – 

June 20/21- Solstice + Jupiter Retrograde + Venus Trine Neptune

In tropical astrology, the Solstice officially welcomes the start of Cancer Season. Right before the Solstice, we have Jupiter entering retrograde, joining Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. Adding another planet to the retrograde mix will slow the energies, giving us a chance to reflect and perhaps redirect our attention if we feel askew. At this time, Venus is also Trine Neptune, sending waves of harmony through the cosmic skies. This is a powerful combination of energies making this time period one that could bring turninpoints, deeper realizations, and increased waves of joy.

June 22- Mercury Direct 

The day Mercury stations direct can actually intensify the Mercury Retrograde energies, so move slow. This is not a time to rush forward or to commit to long-term plans as things are likely to change. Allow some breathing space and stay open to any new insights or information that may come your way. Mercury Retrograde is a good time to reassess and revise, so this energy is still very much encouraged. Mercury gets back to its usual strength and clarity by July 7, and in turn, you may find a sense of clarity returning by this time too. You can read your full Mercury Retrograde forecast for June here. 

June 24- Super Full Moon in Capricorn 

The Super Full Moon brings a welcome break from all the Eclipse energies we have been experiencing, however this Full Moon is a busy one! There are so many different energies swimming about at this time, giving this Full Moon a bit of wildcard energy. Use the earthy influence of Capricorn to ground your energy and to create stability and focus in your life. Things may feel a little scattered or cloudy, but it’s likely this will be short-lived. Your full forecast is here.

June 25- Neptune Retrograde

Neptune enters retrograde giving us a total of four planets in retrograde. Once again, this creates a slowing of energy and encourages us to embrace more of this revisiting and reassessing energy. Neptune Retrograde can sometimes expose secrets and truths. It can also help us to make sense of what is fact and what is fiction. Your full forecast is here.

July 3- Mars Square Uranus

A volatile combination of energy that we may feel brewing a few days before and a few days after. Anything that is unstable or weak may get a shake up. You may have to assess what is worth fighting for, what needs to be fixed, and whether it’s time to let go. 

July 3-7- Sirius Gateway

Around this time every year, the Sun aligns with the star Sirius, unlocking a gateway of high-frequency energy. Sirius is considered our Spiritual Sun and can shine a light on higher frequencies, giving us a higher understanding and unlocking new spiritual insights and wisdom. Sirius is also believed to be home to a highly technologically advanced alien race, so galactic downloads are more likely at this time too.

July 9/10- New Moon in Cancer 

It’s the start of a new lunar cycle and this should bring some welcoming fresh energy. You may also find that any unsettling news or information that the Gemini Solar New Moon Eclipse brought back on June 10, is now surrounded with a bit more clarity and understanding. This New Moon may have us feeling extra sensitive, so be mindful of your energy levels and boundaries. It is also a wonderful New Moon for spending time with loved ones or creating a more nurturing and supportive environment at home. Your full forecast is coming soon.

July 13- Venus Conjunct Mars 

A beautiful, rare, and special celestial alignment! Venus and Mars are considered the cosmic lovers and when they meet we receive a boost in consciousness when it comes to love, relationships, and the understanding of duality. There is really no separation between us, and a deeper, more heartfelt understanding of this spiritual truth could be possible now. This energy can also encourage the meeting of soulmates and twin flames. Stay tuned for more on this special alignment!

July 22- Sun leaves Cancer for Leo

Watery Cancer Season comes to an end as we move into fiery Leo Season.

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