Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: June 6-12, 2022

Weekly Tarot

The Ace of Wands and Knight of Swords

Our first card this week is Ace of Wands, it is all about connecting to what makes us feel passionate and alive. Wands are about purpose, fire, and spirituality. As an Ace, it has all the potency of the Wands in one card. It calls us to connect to what makes us feel energized.

The Ace card challenges each of us to look for hope and positivity. It asks us to see the best in a situation, even when our mind is thinking the worst. It wants us to remember that even when we are going through the darkest of times, others are carrying burdens as well and we can still choose kindness.

The Ace of Wands allows us to connect with the light inside of our hearts and see the light in others. We are able to connect to our true essence, the part that animates us and lives beyond our physical form.

We are all doing the best we can at any given moment. The more caring we can be, the better we will feel, and the more our core essence can come through and light the way.

Use the Ace of Wands to amplify your kindness of spirit and connect to your purpose. Use its energy to find the way to your personal path through love and grace.

Through the vibration of this card, we are also called to break out of normal routines and do things that remind us of our fire. Perform an act of care for a stranger, visit a place you have never been before, or take a risk that’s been on your mind.

Anything that sparks your fire will help you connect to the Ace of Wands. How can you use this energy to align with your purpose? How can you step out of your comfort zone? How can you take the time to listen to your heart?

These questions will help us tap into the Ace’s vibrations and the Knight of Swords will help us stay focused on this path.

Our next card is the Knight of Swords, it is all about a sharp and clear mind. It allows us to regain focus if we felt distracted and clouded lately. The bright energy it carries will help us make some much-needed next steps.

This is also the gift of being out of Eclipse Season and the heaviness of the past few months. It lets us reflect on what we learned in the previous season, complete unfinished business, and gives us a moment to reset for the path ahead.

The elements of fire and air in this card give us a quick and powerful boost to get things done. It will even help us find solutions to problems that have felt too tricky or complicated.

The Knight of Swords pushes us to accomplish tasks we have been putting off. These are errands or projects that have been making us stressed or adding to our negative thoughts.

What can you do this week to minimize your stress? What can you do to help you focus and get down to business? What is one thing you can take off your to-do list?

Seeing clearly and accomplishing our to-do lists will aid in a more positive outlook. When times are dark, a clean and organized space can really help lift our heavy spirits.

Mantra for the week: I am inspired and motivated. The goals I set are easily accomplished.

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