Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: June 7-13, 2021

weekly tarot reading

Deck featured is the Aquarian Tarot deck.

Three of Rods and Three of Pentacles

As we continue through Gemini Season and Mercury in Retrograde, we are taking a look at our skills, strengths, and beliefs. Both our cards this week speak to growth in our power when it comes to collaboration, creativity, and connection to purpose.

With the Three of Rods, it is easy to misinterpret this card as ‘doing the right thing’ according to societal codes. However, this card is really about taking steps towards inner truth and personal integrity.

The Three of Rods calls us to excellence, both in our actions and ethics. It’s about discovering what matters to us and what our true values are deep inside.

This card wants us to live in alignment with what we care about most. It calls us to create and maintain high standards. Then we are called to develop the strength of character to live out those standards in our everyday lives.

To work with this card’s energy, spend time this week finding your ethical center. Quiet your mind through meditation, a long walk, or journaling. Think about areas where you might be disconnected and how you could come back to your core values.

Forgive yourself for the ways you have strayed from your center. We always have the ability to reconnect to what is important to us.

We can make a change no matter how distant we feel from what is right. We have so much good inside of us and we are never too far from our hearts.

While the Three of Rods shows us connecting to our values and beliefs, the Three of Pentacles shows us putting those beliefs into action. We are learning to lean on others and grow our lives through partnership.

The Three of Pentacles is all about working hard and collaborating with others. This card points to a deep focus and the ability to go after want. It gives us the ability to be aware of our desires and not swerve from our path.

This card allows us to ask for the help we need. We see that our strength only grows when we partner with the talents and intelligence of others.

This past year has left many of us feeling scattered, tired, and pulled in different directions. But we are learning to let go of the voices that make us doubtful and confused. We feel the energy narrowing in on what our hearts truly want.

Inspiration will be our friend as we start to create a clearer picture of what the future will look like. This card usually indicates a high level of professional ambition. So use this time to focus on your career and make concrete goals for the future.

If your career is an area that holds insecurity for you, use the energy of the Three of Pentacles to push through this week. You will need to work through those feelings in order to manifest the abundance that is waiting for you.

The wisdom of the cards and the vibrations of the cosmos support our growth. This is a powerful time of reflection, healing, and intention setting. If we take the time to do the work, we will burst out of the next few weeks with newfound clarity and drive.

Mantra for the week: I am returning to my center and remembering who I am. I believe in my infinite potential.

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