Intuitive Astrology: Mercury Retrograde May-June 2021

mercury retrograde june 2021

Mercury enters its second retrograde of the year on May 29, 2021, in its ruling sign of Gemini.

Retrogrades occur when a planet appears to be moving backward. Of course, it is not actually doing this, but from our vantage point here on Earth, it can look like the planet is retracing its steps through the zodiac.

As the ancients witnessed this, they believed retrogrades were a time for all of us to go back, retrace our own steps, and to look once more into our habits, attitude, and behaviors of the past before proceeding ahead.

As Mercury is the planet of communication, contracts, technology, transport, and media, its retrograde is a time where these things may come into our conscious awareness a little more.

Mercury Retrograde, in its ruling sign of Gemini, can also amplify its overall effects and shine a spotlight on how we are choosing to connect and communicate with ourselves and those around us.

Communication is really an art form. It is through our voice that we can connect with our truth, affirm our beliefs, forge relationships, and even create our reality.

Communication seems like it should be easy, but there are often so many layers involved! We each have our own perspectives, belief systems, and ways of communicating which can color our experience. Very often it is a lack of communication or even miscommunication that is at the root of most conflicts.

In today’s world, we are also inundated with opportunities to communicate and absorb the words of others through our phones and computers.

With Mercury turning retrograde in Gemini, it’s an opportunity for us to pause, sit back, and reflect on how we are choosing to communicate, and what we are communicating to others and to the Universe.

Mercury Retrograde is a time to take a deep breath and to look at how the information we ingest and the technology we use is consciously or unconsciously influencing our decisions, our communication styles, our mental health, and our overall well-being.

When we are inundated with information, news stories, and other people’s opinions, it can become hard to hear the voice of our own authentic, true-self shining through.

We can feel pressured to go along with the status quo or we can even lose ourselves in group-think mentalities.

Under the spell of this Mercury Retrograde, decide to ingest information from the world around you consciously or perhaps take a break from social media or reading the news all together. Instead, use your time to retreat to a quiet space and begin learning the sound of your own voice speaking to you.

When we connect with our inner voice it brings great power. We can feel confident, assured of ourselves, and clear in what we are communicating.

When we are free to express ourselves and how we really feel, it can inspire others to do the same and can allow those around us to know exactly where we stand and how we wish to be treated.

It is definitely not easy to reach this place of speaking and connecting from a place of pure authenticity, but the first step to getting there is going within, learning to get still, clear the mental clutter, and listen to the still voice that resides within.

Meditation is a fantastic tool for supporting this, but so is journaling, spending time in nature, and working with the cosmic energies of this Mercury Retrograde.

As we connect with even a whisper of our true, authentic voice, we can also start to make clearer decisions, and feel more understanding towards any miscommunications that arise. We are also less likely to say or do something we may regret later.

Both Mercury and Gemini are linked to the throat chakra, making it a good place to focus on during this Mercury Retrograde.

Our throat chakra is a brilliant blue light of energy that lives in the middle of our neck. It is from here that we can connect with our true voice, communicate our truth, and speak clearly and thoughtfully.

Working on energizing and recharging your throat chakra may be valuable during this Mercury Retrograde and you can learn more on how to do this here.

At the time of this May-June 20201 Mercury Retrograde, we will also have Pluto and Saturn in retrograde too. This will create a slow down in cosmic energies, which is likely to be welcome news considering this Mercury Retrograde also takes place during Eclipse Season, a time of transformation and clearing.

If communication issues are stirred for you during this time, it may be beneficial to go within, clear your mind, connect with your heart, and get clear on what your authentic voice is saying.

Once you are clear on this, it will become easier to have challenging conversations and to communciate your true thoughts and feelings to others.

Mercury Retrograde is also a wonderful time to connect with your intuition which will be supported as we approach the Solstice energies on June 20-21st.

Mercury will go direct again on June 22, shortly after the Solstice and after this time, we may begin feeling more connected and confident in using our authentic voice. We may have even learned something about our communication style and the best ways for us to ingest information from the world around us.

While Mercury leaves retrograde on June 22, it will take until July 7 for it to return to its former speed and strength.

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