Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: March 18-24, 2019

weekly tarot reading
2 of Wands: Dominion and Queen of Swords

Where do you feel most powerful? Where do you shine? What do you do that doesn’t feel like work?

This week the cards are asking us to spend time in our domain. The place where we are confident and strong.

The 2 of Wands or Dominion, is about ownership. The word dominion may sound scary, but it comes from a place of power and truth, not of greed or abuse.

This card describes our ability to be the ruler of our personal energy and personal territory. It advises us to take ownership of our thoughts and actions. It wants us to spend more time doing things we want.

Not happy with how things are going in your life? The 2 of Wands is here to remind us that we have agency. We are not powerless in the face of our struggles.

We can control our thoughts, who we spend time with, and what we put our time into. We are no one’s prisoner.

What makes you feel powerful? What comes naturally to you? What makes you feel free? The 2 of Wands wants us to connect to the area in our life and amplify it.

Is there a passion project that you get lost in? Is there an activity that makes you feel invigorated? Is there person that makes you feel inspired?

Spend time in this space this week. Remind yourself of your power and your talents. Sometimes we get bogged down in doing what we should do, not what makes us feel the most joyful.

Make sure you spend time doing things that bring you joy this week. The Queen of Swords will help to motivate you as you take a step into your personal domain.

The Queen of Swords can think and see clearly. She sees through phoniness and knows what is important in life.

She has cut through any lies and removed the armor that prevented her from connecting deeply with others. She understands that vulnerability is a strength and experience makes you stronger.

Though she is tough, she has compassion for herself and others. She can use her sharp tongue when she needs to but does so in the right circumstances.

She goes straight to the heart of maters and is direct with her approach. She speaks her truth so she can live her life aligned with her values.

She has removed the mask that kept her safe but hidden and now allows her real self to shine through. She is able to see through the masks of others and knows that things go deeper than what is on the outside.

The Queen of Swords is bringing all her gifts this week. She is helping us to speak our minds and allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

She wants us to take off our armor and share who we are with others. She wants us to use our intelligence and honesty to get closer to the life we want.

How can you use this incredible energy this week? How can you be more direct and open in your interactions? Who do you need to share your truth with?

If we want to step into our strength and spend time doing what brings us joy, we will need to channel the beautiful energy of the Queen of Swords. So go out there, take your sword and slay.

Mantra for the week: I speak my mind and share my truth. I am talented and powerful. I prioritize things that bring me joy.

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