Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: March 21-27, 2022

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Death and Knight of Disks

This week we enter the astrological new year with the start of Aries Season. We also step into Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern. With all these changes the cards are here to guide our way.

With the Death card, our initial response might be fear. We could feel afraid to face whatever message the card is offering.

But we should not be afraid. Death is not a card of endings but a card of beginnings, and its the perfect guide for the Equinox and start of Aries Season.

Death is about letting go of the baggage we carry that makes our journey more difficult. With this card, we are shedding the past and starting with a lighter load.

Death brings about a powerful transformation. For some, this transformation can feel somewhat disruptive or it could feel like a welcomed breath of fresh air.

Many of us are afraid of change and anything new. We are fearful because we crave permanence and consistency. We want to hold on to whatever we have, even if it’s time to let it go.

But in tarot, Death is full of beauty. It is a deeply powerful and positive card. It means we are ready to let go of things that are causing us pain. We are ready to have a deep metamorphosis.

What in your life needs to be transformed? What do you need to release in order to blossom? What needs to die so you can live more fully?

Through connecting to our inner voice we will hear the message of what needs to be released. Whether it is an addiction, a toxic person, or a stagnant job, we are ready to let go.

With death, there is always some pain. We need to acknowledge that there will be grief in letting go, even if we are releasing something that no longer serves us.

When you connect with what needs to be transformed, honor this by doing a releasing ceremony or ritual. Write what you want to let go of on a piece of paper, then give the paper its own transformation.

This could include ripping it up and scattering it in the wind, letting it burn, or burying it in the earth. Whatever you choose, this ceremony will help honor the process of death.

Our next card is the Knight of Disks. After the powerful release of the Death card, we need a moment to rest and recalibrate. That is where the Knight of Disks comes in to support.

This is a special card because it is the only Knight in this deck that does not have a horse in motion. Knights are usually galloping through the land or flying through the air, but this knight has stopped completely in order to contemplate.

And that is exactly what we are being asked to do. We need to settle our horses and take a beat. We may feel the urge to move quickly but we are being asked to slow down our pace.

The Knight is thinking about the bigger picture and taking time to reassess. He wants to make sure he is making the right choices and serving his highest self. This time to contemplate fills him with confidence because he is able to reconnect to his inner voice.

Disks are actually all about the natural world and our connection to the Earth. The Knight of Disks is in a peaceful field, letting his horse graze as he looks out at the setting Sun.

This week, the cards are urging us to make time to honor Mother Nature. They want us to go to an inspiring place and take a moment just to be.

When we are constantly on the go, we don’t have the time to check in with ourselves. It is essential for us to recharge in order to continue on our journey.

Mantra for the week: I let go of what no longer serves me and welcome new energy. As I continue on my journey, I stop and recharge in nature’s arms.

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