Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: March 26-April 1, 2018

weekly tarot reading
The 4 of Swords, Truce, and The 8 of Disks, Prudence

It is all about pausing, relaxing, and reflecting.

The cards are letting us know that it is okay to take a break and in fact, it is necessary.

We had the 4 of Swords only a few weeks ago and the energy is returning. This means we have more recharging and reconnecting with ourselves to do.

We have been working hard on our goals and our mental health. We have been pushing forward to make the best world for ourselves and those around us. We have a strong drive to move forward and get stronger.

However, the 4 of Swords is reminding us to take a break and build up our reserves. We must pause ever so often to recharge and collect our thoughts.

When you use a healing crystal, for example rose quartz, fairly often it gets depleted and needs to be recharged. You can place the crystal in the light of a Full Moon, cleanse it with fresh water and essential oils, or burn sage and let the smoke do the cleansing.

How can we take a tip from our crystals and charge ourselves this week?

You can spend time in nature, in a bath with healing oils, or you can use candles and sage to create a calming space. Think about one of your favorite calming actives and make time for it this week.

It will be very important to heed the warning of the cards, because we do not want to get burnt out.

When we have a large burn out, it can take weeks or longer to recover. But if we connect to what relaxes us more often, we can sustain our power. By recharging regularly you will protect yourself from a major energy zap.

Another added benefit of practicing regular relaxation, is that your mind will become more clear. It is hard to think straight when we are stressed, so calming activities will help your mind be calm as well.

From this head space you can plan your next step forward and you will be more effective in your work since you have added clarity.

The 8 of Disks, Prudence, also has a message of pausing and building up our reserves. Because this card is in the suite of Disks, the message can allude to pausing in our money spending and building up our savings.

However on a deeper level, it is also about managing both our material and spiritual energies so that we can sustain and move smoothly in whatever path we choose.

Prudence can also be a sign that we will be embarking on a period of rapid spiritual development. And if we do not have the reserves, we will not have quite enough energy to move at the pace in which we would like.

The image on the card is of lovely flowers being protected by the thorny leaves. How can we protect our energy in order to move forward? How can we block energy zappers and focus on what makes us stronger?

Say no this week to things that will deplete you and yes to things that will enrich you.

It is all about staying vibrant so we can continue on with power in our step.

Mantra of the week: When I regularly relax, I cultivate clarity of the mind, body and spirit. I grow stronger when I take time to gather stillness.


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