Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: March 6-12, 2023

Weekly Tarot

The cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.

Two of Cups and Knight of Cups

This week brings us a Full Moon in Virgo, which shares its healing and grounding energy. Through this moon, we are called to care for ourselves in ways perfectly aligned with our needs. This care will allow us to navigate the energy of the cosmos with greater strength.

The cards send some guidance to the ways that we are needing support and medicine. When reading the descriptions below, see what speaks to you and how you can apply this energy to what you need under this moon.

Our first card this week is the Two of Cups. This card is all about loving ourselves first and foremost before anyone else. It is about self-compassion and speaking lovingly to ourselves.

This card is also about falling in love: with a person, a job, a place, or with ourselves. We may feel uncertain if this will happen for us but the Two of Cups is here to tell us that we deserve it and it is coming if we are open. It might not mean you will fall in love with the person of your dreams tomorrow but it does mean that the opportunity for your heart to expand is on the horizon.

Feeling deserving of love has a lot to do with self-love. Self-love and self-acceptance are major parts of any relationship. If those things have been hard for you in the past the Two of Cups will help you to find a path to that place.

What once felt difficult to accept about yourself will feel easy to understand and nurture this week. You will feel a lightness and a tenderness that will help with love in all ways.

Ask yourself these questions when working with the Two of Cups: Can I speak with more love and kindness to myself? Can I raise my standards of who I let into my heart? Can I value loving myself just as much as loving others?

Take a moment to look in the mirror and say something loving about your body, mind, and spirit. Try interrupting your self-talk when you are about to say something negative and instead say something compassionate.

This type of positive behavior will cause loving energy to radiate out of you. When you are in a loving place with yourself, you will attract more loving energy in all areas of your life.

Our second card to support us this week is the Knight of Cups. Depicted on the card is a knight reaching toward a glowing chalice in the clouds. His determination is powerful, his energy is focused, and nothing can stop him from his path.

This card speaks to those times when we become hyperfocused on setting and reaching our goals, which can happen under all the cosmic energy at this moment. The card warns against attaching our worth as a person to our achievements and calls us to think about our goals more holistically.

If we are too narrow in our vision or want things to look perfect, we remove the chance for spontaneity or creativity. If we have tunnel vision, there is less room for the Universe to intervene or for us to notice the bigger world around us.

The Knight of Cups calls us to dream without forgetting to open our eyes to all the possibilities. It’s okay if we veer off the path and it’s good to let go of control. It wants us to remember that things don’t always look as we expect.

This is also a way to work with the energy of the Virgo Full Moon. We can work on releasing too specific of expectations and our need to control them. We ground in our bodies and listen to our intuition.

This will aid in our ability to step into our power because our need to control is usually wrapped up in fear or lack of trust. We can set our intentions but have faith for our path to unfold in a myriad of ways.

Mantra for the week: Loving myself is just as important as loving others. When I open my eyes and heart, I see all the possibilities before me.

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