Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: March 7-13, 2021

Weekly Tarot

The cards pictured are from Uusi’s ‘Pagan Otherworlds’ deck.

The World and Temperance

There are creative and powerful energies in the cosmos right now. The cards help us to tap into our strengths and move forward with wisdom.

Our first card this week is The World. This card points to our achievements of higher consciousness or greater understanding after much hard work.

It calls us to feel proud of ourselves and honor the growth we have made. This is not always easy for some of us, but it is so important to acknowledge our growth.

The beautiful figure on The World card is naked standing on top of the Earth. She is in a place of celebration and mastery. She is has gone through all the obstacles of the Fool’s Journey and is in her power.

To invite The World card into your life, offer her the gift of dancing. Being in your body instead of your head is a great way to uplift this energy.

Even in dark times, turning on some music and allowing yourself to let go can be very healing. Close your eyes and don’t think about how you look, let yourself feel present in the music.

Under the influence of The World, take a moment to acknowledge your accomplishments instead of thinking about what’s up ahead. The work will always be there, but you deserve a moment of reflection and release.

Spend time this week honoring yourself. Do something just for you that makes you feel good. Indulge in an activity that makes your body feel alive. This will help you recharge for what’s next on your path.

Our second card is called Temperance and is the 14th card in the Major Arcana. This card shows an angelic being pouring water from one vessel into another.

When she pours, she is not spilling a single drop and everything is in perfect equilibrium. This card speaks to the harmonization of our lives.

Temperance brings up the ideas of trust, faith, and balance. It tells us that the Universe is always at work, maintaining the balance and flow of all things.

While most of the cards ask us to do inner work and challenge us to grow, the Temperance card is about trusting and letting go.

Much like The World card, we are being asked to pause and be still. Things are unfolding as they should and we need to have faith in the process.

There is nothing for us to do, other than to have faith. The divine goddess and her cleansing waters are in control. They are making sure there is a balance between the forces of light and dark.

Even though Temperance is not asking us to do personal work or to make a change, this card can feel like hard work. It is asking us to trust that something larger than us is at play and we are protected. It is asking us to ‘let go and let god.’

When we stop trying to make the next thing happen we can give space for things to come in on their own and surprise us. This faith will allow the Universe to work its magic as we let go of the reigns.

Mantra for the week: I celebrate how far I have come. I trust the Universe to guide me where I need to go next.

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