Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: May 13-19, 2019

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The Knight of Disks and the 5 of Wands

With a Full Moon this week, the cards are calling for us to stop and take time for inner reflection. We will pause to listen to the still small voice inside.

The Knight of Disks is a special card because it is the only Knight in the Crowley Thoth deck that does not have a horse in motion. The Knights are usually galloping through the land or flying through the air. But this Knight has stopped to contemplate.

And that is exactly what we are being asked to do. We need to get off of our horse and truly stop. We should not be making big decisions or moving at lightning speed.

Under the Full Moon is a great time to do this work. We must take time to recharge, reflect, and relax.

Disks are all about the natural world. The Knight of Disks is in a beautiful field, letting his horse graze as he looks out at the setting Sun. How can we pause in nature? How can we spend time resting in a beautiful space?

This week the cards are urging us to make time to connect to Mother Earth. They want us to go out into a natural space and take a moment just to be.

It is essential for us to recharge in order to continue on our journey. If we don’t, we might burn out and need an even bigger break later on.

The Knight is contemplating his path and taking time to reassess. He wants to make sure he is making the right choices and serving his highest self. This time to contemplate fills him with confidence because he is able to reconnect to his inner voice.

When we are constantly on the go, we don’t have time to make sure we are doing what is best for ourselves, instead we are just on autopilot.

The cards really want us to take time to think about our next move and listen to our hearts.

The 5 of Wands is the right partner for the Knight of Disks because it wants us to listen to the messages inside of ourselves, even the ones that harbor any hard feelings or discord.

The 5 of Wands is about investigating what makes us irritable, uncomfortable or gives us a bad attitude. It wants us to question the things that rub us the wrong way or make us annoyed, especially in our work.

This card wants us to be mindful of the things in our lives that we don’t like. It wants us to question these things and see if there is another way.

Do we have to be around that person? Do we have to do those tasks? Is this the right environment for us?

The Knight of Disks wants us to slow down and the 5 of Wands wants to investigate our world. Take note of how you feel and what you are doing. Step out of autopilot and explore your options.

You will see you have more agency to create a better world for yourself. You are not stuck with the way things are. Find ways to change even little parts this week.

Be mindful of how you share your thoughts under the energy of the Full Moon. If you want to change things, make sure you are loving and tactful in your approach.

Sending positivity and light to each of you as you do this great work.

Mantra for the week: As I continue on my journey of self-discovery, I stop and recharge in nature’s arms. I use my inner wisdom to lead me where I need to go next.

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