Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: May 16-22, 2022

Weekly Tarot

The cards pictured are from Uusi’s ‘Pagan Otherworlds’ deck.

The Hermit and The High Priestess

The cards this week are influenced by the Scorpio Blood Moon Eclipse and show us how to navigate its energy. Both The Hermit and High Priestess speak to our need to center in ourselves and tap into our magic. We are called to look inside and connect to our power.

The Hermit is about creating a space where we can journey within. The card shows us a figure turning inward as they shine a beautiful light on the path before them. Through intentional alone time, we can tune out the voices of others and hear the wisdom inside.

By quieting our minds we can let in divine messages. We will access new insights and get closer to our personal truths. If you have been struggling with your direction or a difficult decision, The Hermit energy will be supportive for finding clarity.

The Hermit card references the personal spiritual journeys used by many cultures. The Aboriginals partake in Walkabouts, First People have the ritual of Vision Quests, and many cultures use labyrinths as a means of seeking wisdom.

How can you create your own spiritual ritual for finding answers? A relaxing bath, a hike in a beautiful place, or even a long walk alone will help set the right tone for doing the Hermit’s work.

Ask your community for support around this. If someone needs to watch your kids or take care of an errand for you, it is okay to ask! We need to be able to take time for ourselves and let go of the guilt that may surround that.

Our next card is The High Priestess and she is the perfect partner for The Hermit. She is the second card in Fool’s Journey and though the path just started, she is already calling us to pause because she knows the importance of rest and reflection.

She gives us clues on how best to progress during this time. We are encouraged to tap into our intuition and spiritual abilities to see through any fog and find the answers we need.

She wants us to use our gifts to draw out the light that surrounds the dark. She asks us to call upon our angels, ancestors, and messengers, as they are always supporting us.

If you create moments of stillness, the energy of the Priestess will be able to enter your world. She will give you insights into the wisdom of your future. She will send you messages of peace.

To channel this energy, spend time in mediation or reflection during your alone time. Take out a journal and write in stream-of-consciousness, tap into your creativity through something artistic, set intentions before you sleep and record your dreams.

Allow The Hermit and High Priestess to support you this week. They both remind us of the importance of disconnecting from the world around us and connecting to our spirit. From that space, we can access so much intelligence and power.

Mantra for the week:  I make time to unplug and connect with myself. In this place of stillness, wisdom speaks to me.

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