Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: May 27-June 2, 2019

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The Queen of Disks and the Ace of Cups

I have a special relationship with the Queen of Disks. In times of need, this card comes up to show me everything will be alright. She lets me know just how strong I really am.

This gorgeous queen with her crown made of twisted horns, sits on top her towering throne and surveys her land. She has come so far and is taking time to look back at what she has accomplished.

She is getting older, but instead of getting bitter or hard-hearted, she is getting wiser and more confident. She knows what she is capable of and is proud of all she has become.

Her journey has not been easy. She has gone through difficult times and has cut out a lot of toxic people. She no longer accepts bad behavior from others.

This Queen is the Queen of boundaries. She does not let people in that she knows are not good for her, she is too smart and experienced for that. She also says no to things she knows will not fill her soul.

Time has given her strength and intelligence. She is grateful for her past because it has made her who she is, and she is excited for her future because she will use her wisdom to accomplish great things.

By making decisions that raise your vibration and propel you forward, you are walking the path of the Queen of Disks. She is a powerful and kind woman that will guide you to evolve in your life and learn to love yourself.

Where can you apply the Queen’s energy this week? Do you need to work on being accepting of your past? Do you need to be kinder to yourself? Do you need to work on your boundaries? Or do you need to tap into your confidence and wisdom to move you forward?

The queen offers up all her gifts to you. She knows that you have all of this inside you and will shine a light on your strengths and talents.

She will help you see yourself as a warrior instead of a worrier. As someone who is stronger from their past and is wiser for the future. As someone who is capable of great things and will make a big impact on the world.

The Ace of Cups is a supremely powerful and wildly energetic card. It will help amplify the energy of the of Queen of Disks and bring tons of love and positivity to your week.

The Ace of Cups often comes up to indicate the beginning of a new creative project, relationship or even the conception of a child. It shows the vibrant energy of starting something that will bring you great joy and fulfillment.

Since the Ace card is in the suit of Cups, it means we will be more connected to our emotions and feelings. We will feel deep emotional satisfaction and connection this week.

At a spiritual level, the Ace of Cups points to the fool’s journey in Tarot. The cup depicted on this card is thought to represent the Holy Grail, or in pagan terms, the Cauldron of Cerridwen. This chalice is thought to be the source of inspiration and a granter of wishes and dreams.

In the fool’s journey, when we reach the Holy Grail we have reached a place where we can enact our passions and dreams. We have set ourselves up to be successful and to make our desires a reality.

How have you set yourself up to take the next step in your evolution? What have you been working on that is ready to be out in the world? How can you release what is inside you?

Use the energy of the Ace of Cups this week to share what is in your heart. Show who you are and what you want and you will have positive results.

Use the energy of the Queen of Disks to feel powerful inside. You have experienced so much and you are full of strength.

Mantra for the week: My past made me a warrior. I am confident and wise. I am able to share what is in my heart and grow my life to great heights.

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