Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: May 6-12, 2019

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The Devil and the Prince of Cups

The cards this week tell us that we are searching for something. We are craving it on a deep level. What are we looking for and what are we longing for? Balance, plain and simple.

At its core the Devil card is about balance, however it is often difficult to see it this way.

The card always features a goat-like figure and the goat is a complicated symbol. In many cultures, the goat has been associated with darkness.

Its bearded face and light eyes give it a haunting quality that has sparked the human imagination for thousands of years.

The Greek figure Pan was inspired by the goat’s wild and independent attitude. Pan would stir up the passion in humans and seduce them into fulfilling their desires. The fear of this unhinged passion is why many people equate the goat with evilness.

Yet goats are also some of the most life-giving animals. Their fur, milk, and meat have sustained lives throughout history. And they are often noted for their intelligence and playfulness.

When it comes to the 15th card in the Major Arcana the goat is front and center. His sinister smile can make us feel uneasy or can conjure up our devilish side.

Just like the complex ideas behind the goat symbol, The Devil card can point to both negative and positive meanings.

The first meaning is about addiction. There is something in our lives that we have overindulged in that is now hindering our progress. It can be a toxic relationship, a substance, or even an addiction to negative thinking.

The second meaning is about pleasure. It is about giving in to your desires without feeling guilty or shameful. It’s about connecting to your fantasies and enjoying the fruits of life.

Only you will know what the card is pointing to in your life. Only you will know how you need to adjust to find the balance you are seeking.

Do you need to let something go, something that is unhealthy and is blocking your growth? Or do you need to give yourself permission to take pleasure in things you desire without shame and fear?

How are you laking balance? Are you over doing it or under doing it? Either way, by restricting yourself you are being cut off from life-giving energy.

This card is all about feeling alive and balanced. So whatever it points to for you, know that the goat wants you to be living a vibrant and passionate life.

The Devil card cuts straight to the point and the Knight of Cups offers its focus and passion. Under the direction of the Knight, we will be able to go after things that keep us centered and on the right path.

When the Knight shows up in a reading I know we are ready to listen to our hearts. There is a goal in mind and we feel a strong urge to turn it into reality. This week, that goal is balance.

The Knight is reaching towards a heavenly chalice in the sky, a reference to the Holy Grail, and he is single-minded in his approach. His focus is strong and his energy is fierce. His wings raise him to his dreams and he reaches out to grab them.

But just like most stories of the Holy Grail, it is not a completely smooth journey. There will be ups and downs and some false roads. However, the Knight of Cups assures you that in the end, you will be successful.

So when it comes to our goal of staying centered and balanced, the Knight will lead the way. The Knight will help you to answer what brings you peace and connection with yourself.

You will have the fire and focus to go after those things this week. You will know what you need to cut out and what you need to bring in.

You feel those nagging voices finally subside. You will take steps towards freedom and peace. I am so proud of the work you will do!

Mantra for the week: I connect to the vibrant energy of life. I know what I need to do to stay balanced and healthy. I am full of motivation.

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