Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: November 12-18, 2018

weekly tarot reading
The Chariot and 9 of Pentacles

With all our cosmic shifts, Venus in retrograde ending and Mercury in retrograde beginning, we should move cautiously and take time to slow down this week. The cards we pulled have really lovely and supportive energies, so it will be a great time to listen to their messages.

I usually do not go into detail about the structure of tarot in my readings but with the Chariot being a Major Arcana card, I will take this opportunity to do just that. It seems fitting since this will be a week to slow and pay attention to details.

Major Arcana are the 22 cards in Tarot that follow the journey of the Fool. The Fool is card 0 and the Universe is card 21. This journey showcases the ups and downs of someone from birth to enlightenment and back to birth. If Tarot cards were different road signs, the Major Arcana cards would be flashing billboards.

They have a loud message and signify a big moment in your life. It is either a major realization, a big turning point, or a leveling up of some kind. Whatever way it shows up, a Major Arcana moment is not one you will forget. It represents a serious shift in the journey to becoming your higher self.

The Chariot is a card on the Fool’s journey that represents taking charge of your life. It is about fully showing up and being all in. The beautiful horse on the card is full of life, wind in their hair, and eyes full of determination.

They are not afraid to live the life that they want. They are no longer being held back by what others think of them or the burden of doing what they are ‘supposed’ to do. They know that life is short and they have decided to go for it.

One of the specific ways this usually shows up is through travel. Since the Chariot is a card about movement and action, it is usually associated with traveling. For many, going on a trip embodies taking charge of their lives or living in accordance to their desires.

Now, this is not a weekend getaway. It usually points to a longer and more significant destination. This is something that will taking planning and saving, but will be a life changing and life affirming trip. It will be something that will shift your perspective and open you up to a new world.

What is something your spirit seems called to do? What places have you always wanted to travel to? Where does your heart want you to go?

Take time this week to think about these questions. Write down the places you are called to and how you could get there. Think practically about the steps needed for you go on this trip and when would be the best time.

The Chariot is not just about envisioning these places but really putting your dreams into action. The four red corners of the card represents a solid foundation. They show us that if we build a strong base in ourselves it can be our launching pad to take flight.

This week, take time to build up your foundation. Do things for your body and mind, things that make you feel strong. From this place, your plans for travel will seem less like dreams and more attainable.

The 9 of Pentacles reiterates the idea of a strong base. It is all about a happy and healthy home full of security. It is about seeing the ways we have built solid ground for ourselves. It is about focusing on what we have instead of what we are lacking.

Many of us are very aware of what we are missing but don’t take the time to take stock of what we have. The 9 of Pentacles is about seeing all we have gained and worked for over the years. It is about being grateful and realistic about the good things in our lives so that we can feel a sense of achievement.

When we see all we have and all the strengths inside of us we will be filled with confidence. This base of confidence will help us take risks and fly out into the world.

Mantra for the week:  My foundation is solid and I am strong. I embrace myself and all of life. 

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