Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: November 16-22, 2020

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The Fool and Son of Pentacles

We have potent energy from the Super New Moon in Scorpio lingering in the cosmos this week. This allows for new vibrations and intention setting to remain strong.

We have two cards that speak to this energy in The Fool and the Son of Pentacles. Both cards hold the idea of new beginnings and creating intentional actions.

The Fool card is connected to the youthful spirit in all of us. It highlights a child’s fantastical imagination and creative mind.

It is the first card in the Major Arcana and brings the energy of a new soul that is not familiar with the trials and tribulations of life.

The Fool is all about taking risks and lightening our emotional baggage. If the card had a mantra it would be: “Leap and the net will appear.”

The vibrations of this card push us to move through our fears in order to step into the present. The Fool calls us to focus on areas of our lives where we want to take chances.

Starting new relationships, business ventures, or projects are all connected to The Fool. This card is most activated when fresh paths are being taken. It is the perfect card to guide us while the New Moon energy is still in effect.

So ask yourself:

What adventure do you want to embark on? Is there a project you want to start? Do you want to open your heart to new people? Do you want to open your heart to yourself?

This Fool can bring up fear. Many of us have become too familiar with pain, heartbreak, and failure and these things make us afraid of leaping.

But the Fool has faith in the goodness of our being and asks us to lovingly take down our walls. 

The Son of Pentacles complements the energy of The Fool. This card shows a deer hanging his head in thought. Instead of riding off into the wind, he is deep in contemplation.

The deer is contemplating his journey and taking time to reassess. He wants to make sure he is making the right choices and serving his highest self.

This time to contemplate fills him with confidence, because he is able to reconnect to his inner voice. He wants to make sure what he does next is connected to his greater purpose.

When we are constantly on the go, we don’t check to make sure what we are doing is the best for ourselves. Instead, we operate on autopilot without connecting our actions to a higher cause.

The cards want us to take time to think about our future and listen to our hearts. They want our next leap to be one that furthers our personal goals.

With the power of the New Moon still impacting us, this is the right time to slow down and plant our intentions. Make sure you take time this week to think about what you want and need.

Ask yourself: What do I want to let go of? And what do I want to call in?

The more we give space for an honest conversation with ourselves, the safer we will feel in making choices. Creating an inner trust will allow us to take risks with less fear. We can leap and the net will appear.

Mantra for the week: I set my intentions for my future. I invest in myself and take risks for my goals.

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