Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: November 20-26, 2023

Weekly Tarot

The cards pictured are from Uusi’s ‘Pagan Otherworlds’ deck.

Ten of Swords and Ace of Wands

Whenever we receive a ten card it means we are at the end of our path, something has reached its limit and we cannot go any further. When it comes to the Ten of Swords, this is a good thing as we need to release and evolve.

With this card, we often find ourselves saying everything is okay when it’s not. We are in pain and the world is in pain. We oscillate between feeling it deeply and not feeling it at all. We cannot take it all in at once or it will be too much.

We have been distracting ourselves with whatever we need at the moment. The Ten of Swords tells us that it is perfectly reasonable and normal to use distraction to get through intensity.

Many interpretations of the Ten of Swords speak to how our positive or negative thinking creates the circumstances in our lives. They will say if you pull a card like the Ten of Swords, you need to examine your thoughts and actions and see how your thinking led to a negative event.

This is a harmful idea, that our ability to project the right energy is connected to everything we do. I do not subscribe to this belief. Our thoughts do not make bad things happen. Our thoughts can impact how we feel, but they do not create negative or positive events.

This idea makes people think their lack of commitment to positivity makes something bad occur. And that negative events only happen to those who don’t keep a hopeful mind. Negative things happen to everyone, regardless of their thinking patterns.

Swords rule the mind and thoughts are hard to control, especially after something challenging has happened. But we can let both negative and positive thinking exist at the same time and allow them both to move through us.

We can think how unfair life is and let a meal with a close friend help us feel the slightest bit better.  We can acknowledge that things are retched while also reaching out for support from those who love us.

Another way of working with the energy of the Ten of Swords is to let go of guilt for the things we have used to get through. Whatever distraction or creature comforts we have needed is okay. To move to the next phase, we will need to find peace with our coping mechanisms.

Work on your compassion and acceptance of yourself this week. Don’t force your thinking to be too positive if that doesn’t feel right. Know that your thoughts do not create your circumstances. Through self-compassion, you will find your way.

Our second card this week is the Ace of Wands. It is all about connecting to what makes us feel motivated and inspired, especially in the face of the heaviness of the Ten of Swords.

Wands are about purpose, fire, and spirituality. As an Ace, it has all the potency of the Wands in one card. It calls us to connect to what makes us feel energized. It is the perfect card for the start of Sagittarius Season.

The Ace card challenges each of us to look for hope and positivity. It asks us to see the best in a situation, even when our mind is thinking the worst. This will not change circumstances but it might shift our emotions.

The Ace of Wands allows us to connect with the light inside of our hearts and see the light in others. We are able to connect to our true essence, the part that animates us and lives beyond our physical form.

We are all doing the best we can at any given moment. The more caring we can be, the better we will feel, and the more our core can come through and light the way.

Use the Ace of Wands to amplify your kindness of spirit and connect to your purpose. Tap into its energy to find your way through love and openness.

Through the vibration of this card, we are also called to break out of normal routines and do things that remind us of our fire. Think of ways you can step out of your comfort zone or take positive risks. Do things that make you feel alive.

Anything that sparks your fire will help you connect to the Ace of Wands. What brings out the passion inside of you? What is something always wanted to do but fear stood in your way? What steps can you take to align with your purpose? How can you bring more kindness to the world?

These questions will help us tap into the Ace of Wand’s vibrations. Taking action will help us set a foundation for joy and expansiveness.

Mantra for the week: I connect to the fire inside of me. I let go of my need for control and embrace the unknown.

November 2023 will be my last month of readings for a bit as I am taking a break for maternity leave. I am looking forward to connecting when I return.

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