Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: November 25-December 1, 2019

weekly tarot reading

The Two of Disks and Two of Swords

The cards for this week both point to a time of pause and contemplation. They are not cards about taking action, but instead thinking through our next steps and being careful in our movements.

With the last New Moon of the year on the 26th, it’s the right time to gather our energy and plant our seeds for the future. It’s a time to be kind to ourselves and listen to our needs.

As we enter into the holiday season, many of us are spending time with our families. It can be a time of big emotions or reactions. These cards are here to remind us that thinking before acting will be our friend.

The Two of Swords is about taking time to pause. In the card, two swords are crossed above a still sea, everything is quiet for a moment. We can step into this energy this week by centering our bodies.

Take some time to connect to your physical being with a body scan. Sit or lay comfortably and go through each of your body parts, visualizing a warm light radiating comfort to each area. This activity is for your body, but will do wonders to calm your mind as well.

With this new energy, insights into how to solve issues we may be facing will come through clearly. We will see how to move through the turmoil we currently find ourselves in. Whether it’s at work, a relationship, or with ourselves we will see some light this week.

Our shift in perspective will allow us to know what is really important and let everything else fall away. We will feel some hope about the future and see the strengths in a situation rather than only the deficits.

In all variations of the Two of Disks, there is always an infinity symbol. In this deck, it is in the form of leaves wrapping around two golden coins.

The symbol is meant to convey that change is infinite. We may be facing upcoming transitions but change is always happening. There will never be a time when everything sticks just as it is.

The infinity sign is a reminder that the more comfortable we become with change, the less rigid and fearful we will be. The card calls us to view change with a sense of acceptance rather than tension.

Just as a caterpillar goes through a major transformation to become a beautiful butterfly, we can view ourselves evolving into a deeper state when we encounter transformative energy.

The message of balance is also highlighted in this card. If a change is coming up for you, make sure you take some time this week to pause and take care of your body and nurture your relationships.

It can be easy to get lopsided during an adjustment period, so don’t let your needs get neglected. Use this time for some solitude and don’t forget that boundaries are healthy, especially with family.

We can love those around us and still have boundaries. We don’t have to engage in heated subjects or share personal matters we don’t feel safe to address. You are in control of how you use this time and how you show up.

Let the contemplative energy of the cards support you this week. We will need this time of rest before we move forward.

Mantra for the week: I take time to pause, contemplate and restore my energy. I am open to the changes ahead.

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