Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: November 27-December 2, 2017

weekly tarot reading

The Emperor and the 8 of Wands, Swiftness

The Emperor is the definition of leadership. He shows us how to sit still in our power, feeling strong and solid. But he does not lead with fear or control through violence. Instead he leads by example, knowing that his actions must match up to his values.

He is confident in his abilities and does not need to flex his ego. Others see his quiet leadership and are drawn to his energy. He brings out the best in those around him by encouraging them to be leaders as well. He builds others up and never takes anyone down.

He does not get followers through force but through relationship building. People follow him because it serves them well and then they are fiercely loyal.

The Emperor asks himself- “What are qualities I admire in a person? Are they kindness, honesty, consistency, hard work, positivity, and dependability? Then I must embody those qualities myself”.

The Emperor comes up this week to spark these questions in us. He comes to help us find the leader within.

You might be feeling a leadership drought or a lack of integrity in our current leaders. This may lead to feelings of unease and fear. Who can we look up to? Who is looking out for our interests?

The Emperor is here to show us that we should look to ourselves to lead. We are the leaders that will usher in the new way of being. A way of equity, kindness, acceptance, and creativity.

But we must not be afraid of our power! We must embrace our leadership ability and step into that role.

How can you be more of a leader this week? What is something you are passionate about? How can you step up to make a change and take charge?

Whether in your family, your work, your city or country, start at whatever level you feel you are able and take the lead. Let the energy of the Emperor seep into you and feel its strength. Let it move you out of your comfort zone. Let it embolden you.

The 8 of Wands- Swiftness, is a card of positivity, clear communication and of course swiftness. This fast-moving energy will put a flame to the energy of the Emperor.

We will feel the urge for leadership this week and any projects we are working on will move faster.

This card also aids in moving blockages. So any obstacles will be pushed along by this quick and light energy. Make good use of this energy by working on any personal or professional blockages.

This week you will encounter fresh insights and areas that felt difficult will have a new found ease.

I am excited to see you take on new leadership roles with the power of the Emperor and Swiftness behind you. I know you will kick some ass!

Mantra for the week: I step into my power as a leader and I take on challenges with passion and integrity. I have light, positivity, and swiftness guiding my way. 

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