Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: November 29- December 5, 2021

The Hermit and Seven of Wands

This week, there is a calling from the universe for us to look inside and feel our strength. We can handle anything life throws our way, we just need to trust in ourselves. The themes of the cards speak to both our bravery and our fears. The cards are influenced by New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius and show us how to work with its energy.

The Hermit is a card about creating a space where we can journey within. This intentional time allows us to tune out the voices of others and hear the wisdom inside ourselves. The card pictures a figure turning their gaze inward as they shine a beautiful light on their path.

There are symbols all around: a snake wrapped around an egg, tall wheat, and a sperm-like staff that contrasts against a red cloak. These are all fertility symbols that allow us to know that our time alone will be ripe with creativity and freshness.

Through quieting our minds we can let divine messages in. We will see new insights and get closer to our personal truths. If you have been struggling with your direction or a difficult decision, The Hermit energy will be supportive of finding clarity.

The Hermit card references the personal spiritual journeys used by many cultures. The Aboriginals partake in Walkabouts, First People have the ritual of Vision Quests, and many cultures use labyrinth walking as a means of seeking wisdom.

How can you create your own spiritual ritual for finding answers? A solo hike, a camping trip, or even a long walk alone will help set the right tone for doing the Hermit’s work.

Before you go out on your solo time, make sure to leave your phone and other distractions at home. This will help you to be more present and allow inspiration to enter your consciousness without barriers.

Ask your family or friends for support in this. If someone needs to watch your kids or take care of an errand for you, it is okay to ask. We need to be able to take time for ourselves and let go of the guilt that may surround that.

Our next card is the Seven of Wands, also known as Valour. This card is centered around courage. It is about feeling our fears and doing it anyway. It calls us to acknowledge our limitations or anxieties and to carry them with us as we move forward, never letting them shrink our world.

There is always something to worry about, a new fear in our lives or the news each day. We will miss out on so much if we let them control us. We can focus on these fears or we can use our strength and continue to grow.

When we connect to the energy of the Hermit, which calls us to look inward, some fears may come up. Ask yourself: What are you afraid of? What is holding you back? How can you both recognize the fear and still proceed forward?

The Seven of Wands does not want the fear to hold us back. It reminds us that if we did not feel fear, courage would not be needed. We have been working on our dreams and it is time to have the courage to take action.

We put our feet on the ground and start making more steps towards our goals. We truly have all the skills and strengths inside of us. We are ready to step into our power and our purpose on this earth. We use the energy in the cosmos to support us.

Mantra for the week: I take time to go within and listen to my soul’s wisdom. At my core, I am strong and brave beyond measure.

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