Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: October 12-18, 2020

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The Tower and The Empress

We have lots of energy in the cosmos right now. Mercury goes Retrograde on October 13th, we have a Super New Moon in Libra on October 16th, and of course, there is even more going on in our personal and public lives.

The cards this week bring strong messages on how to work with this energy. They are giving tough love and deep wisdom to help us navigate the days ahead.

Our first card this week is The Tower. This is a card that often brings up dread and fear, but I see it as a sign that we are ready for honesty and new beginnings.

The theme of The Tower is truth. The Tower wants us to focus on the truth above all else. It wants us to be vigilant in our truth-finding and seek to remove any lies surrounding us.

The Tower urges us to burn the decaying underbrush in our lives so we can plant our seeds in fresh soil. If we have a lot of debris lying around, there is no place for the new growths to sprout.

The Tower calls us to ask ourselves: Are we currently holding on to a story that is hurting us? Are there people in our lives that we need to let go of? Are we engaging in things that deplete our energy or hinder our growth?

With The Tower as our guide for this week, we must focus on the truth and create a fertile ground in which to grow. We need to be aware of the blocks we are holding and find ways to release them.

The warning with The Tower is that if we do not do the cutting out ourselves, some things might crumble on their own. We need a strong foundation in order to move forward. How can you make sure your ground is secure?

Really question the narratives you tell yourself. The Tower is calling us to examine how we view ourselves and the lies we tell ourselves in order to get through.

We are worthy of so much but we we settle for so little. The Tower is not going to stand for those beliefs or practices any longer. So start shedding those lies as soon as possible.

The Empress is here to show us how to nurture ourselves. How to connect to the warm energy of the feminine after exerting our fierceness through The Tower.

The Empress’ strength comes from being gentle. She is compassionate and kind without asking for anything in return. She is inviting us to embrace the maternal energy in our own lives.

This could be through bonding with our mothers or our mother figures, spending time in Mother Nature, or connecting to the mother energy that lives inside of us.

Many of us are craving nurturing from our inner-parent for our inner-child. Nature can help inspire us on how to take better care of ourselves. The Empress brings forward these beautiful and caring vibrations.

Go outside and see the crescent moon. Make a bouquet of fresh flowers. Get dirt on your hands. Call someone who loves you. Hug your legs.

As we experience the events of the cosmos this week, intentionally call forth the energy of the mother. These fertile, creative, and warm undercurrents will soothe you and keep you grounded.

Mantra for the week: I stand up for myself and speak my truth. I am fire. I take care of myself and nurture my spirit. I am earth.

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