Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: October 26-November 1, 2020

weekly tarot reading 2020

The 7 of Disks and Knight of Disks

With the Taurus Full Blue Moon and Halloween on October 31st, we have lots of powerful and magical vibrations in the air. Our cards this week help ground us and show us how to use the energy to our advantage.

Both cards this week are in the Disk suit. They bring the spirit of the earth and the calming effect of that element. They support us as we move through the days ahead.

The 7 of Disks and Knight of Disks share the message of pausing and reflecting. They want us to take time to see what has been holding us back and how we make better steps forward.

Our first card is the 7 of Disks, also known as Failure. Even though it sounds scary, it is a truly positive a card.

This is a card that means we are ready to take risks. We are about to learn more than we ever could if it was only blue skies ahead. But it is easy to still feel resistance to its energy.

Failing is messy business. It is hard, fear-provoking, and depleting. Whether it is a failed relationship, business, or personal goal, we doubt ourselves when we fail.

We think there is something wrong with us and we are doomed to fail forever. We cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel and how we feel now is how we think we will always feel.

But as annoying as it sounds, failures make us much wiser and stronger than successes ever could. They teach us how to love ourselves regardless of our outside circumstances, and they teach us how to persevere when faced with heartbreak.

The truth is that nothing is wrong with you. Failure happens to every single person, regardless of what you see on the outside. Everyone is struggling. Marriages end, people lose money, and things don’t work out.

It is what we do with those failures that determine our relationship with failing. Now, it sucks to fail and we have to let ourselves feel that. We need to morn whatever we lost.

But we should also let ourselves feel proud. We were brave enough to try something. We let ourselves be vulnerable and we took a risk. We should feel good about that.

We should take time to evaluate what happened and what went wrong. We can ask ourselves these questions:

How can we grow and change so that we can be more successful next time? How can we be kinder to ourselves when we do fail? And how can we manage our fears so they don’t lead to inaction?

These are all questions to contemplate when we are faced with a failure. Working with these questions will lead us to more strength and wisdom as we move forward. They will help us build a more loving relationship with ourselves.

The Failure card has seven coins in a pattern that looks like eyes peering out towards us. There are also beautiful dark blue feathers that create a lovely pattern. I have always seen these coins and feathers making the face of an owl.

Owls have long been the symbol of wisdom. And to me, that is what failure is all about, the difference between being smart and being wise.

Wisdom is a deeper more intuitive feeling. It comes from experience and age. When you share wisdom, people gain insight into their own experiences and avoid painful mistakes. Failure makes you wise.

Our next card is the Knight of Disks. This is a special card because it is the only Knight in the Crowley Thoth Deck that does not have a horse in motion.

The Knights are usually galloping through the land or flying through the air. But this Knight has stopped completely in order to contemplate.

And that is exactly what we are being asked to do. We need to get off of our horse and truly stop. We should not be making big decisions or move at a fast pace.

The Knight is contemplating his path and taking time to reassess. He wants to make sure he is making the right choices and serving his highest self. This time to contemplate fills him with confidence because he is able to reconnect to his inner voice.

The Knight of Disks is in a beautiful field, letting his horse graze as he looks out at the setting Sun. The suit of Disks are all about the natural world.

This week the cards are urging us to make time to connect to Mother Earth. They want us to go out into a natural space and take a moment just to be.

It is essential for us to recharge in order to continue on our journey. If we don’t, we might burn out and need an even bigger break later on.

When we are constantly on the go, we don’t have time to make sure we are doing what is best for ourselves, instead we are just on autopilot.

Under the Full Moon is a great time to do this work. We must take time to recharge, reflect, and relax. It will be a magical and thought provoking time.

Mantra for the week: As I continue on my journey of self-discovery, I stop and recharge in nature’s arms. And through reflection, I become wiser and more resilient. 

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