Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: October 30-November 5, 2017

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2 of Wands, Dominion and Knight of Cups

Hey little ones, do you feel both the Jupiter meets Sun energy and the Scorpio Season energy?

Are you ready to move, shake and get things done?

Well, the cards feel it too, and coming into our power is the theme of the cards this week.

The 2 of Wands, or Dominion, is about ownership. The word Dominion may sound scary, but it comes from a place of power and truth, not of greed or abuse.

This card describes our ability to be the ruler of our personal energy and territory. It advises us to take ownership of our thoughts and actions.

Not happy with how things are going? The 2 of Wands is here to remind us that we have agency. We are not powerless in the face of our struggles.

We can control our thoughts, who we spend time with, and what we put our time into. We are no one’s prisoner!

Careful planning is always important when this card comes up. We cannot achieve the life we seek without creating plans and then putting those plans into motion.

We cannot be upset that we are not getting what we want if we are not taking the steps to achieve our goals. Right?

So start drafting your plan and take a direct action step. Try to take at least one step in the coming days and see how this shifts the momentum. You will find that even a small step will get you moving to where you need to go.

The Knight of Cups comes up to emphasize the message of the 2 of Wands.

It shows me that when we listen to our hearts, there is a specific goal in mind and we feel a strong urge to turn it into reality.

The Knight is reaching towards a heavenly chalice in the sky, a reference to the Holy Grail, and he is single minded in his approach. His focus is strong and his energy is fierce. His wings rise him to his dreams and he reaches out to grab them.

But just like most stories of the Holy Grail, it is not an easy journey. There will be ups and downs and false roads. However, the Knight of Cups assures you that in the end you will be successful.

This week we have the fiery energy of both the 2 of Wands and the Knight of Cups. They are both extremely powerful cards that are all about kicking butt!

Action steps and owning your power will get you far little ones. Channel the 2 of Wands and take ownership of your personal energy. Keep encouraging your inner knight to stay on the path to your own version of the Holy Grail.

I can’t wait to see what you accomplish when you own your power and go after your dreams.

Mantra for this week: I have ownership over my life and I choose my path. I take strong and focused steps towards my goals. I am a bad-ass!

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