Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: October 5-11, 2020

The Knight of Pentacles and The Fool

This week, we received the message of grounding and of taking risks. We are called to find calm in the chaos and to still pursue our personal paths.

The Knight of Pentacles is our grounding card. It wants us to know the strength of our core and to use resources to stay centered.

The card shows a wild horse up on its hind legs. This horse represents chaos and all the distractions of the world around us. But our knight is firmly planted and riding with confidence.

The phrase with this card is, be the rider not the horse.

Sometimes we can’t seem to separate our identity from what we are living through. But we are not the chaotic things happening in our world, we are the one experiencing them.

We get to choose how we ride the waves. We can let things take us over or we can navigate the road with skills and consciousness. The Knight of Pentacles calls for the latter.

This Knight is full of patience and divine timing. He knows to take a step back and wait to make decisions, especially when anxiety makes you feel like you have to act in this exact moment.

It is all about making the responsible choice now so we can have more freedom later. It is not about instant gratification or succumbing to your fears but doing what will be best in the long run.

The Knight of Pentacles calls us to these questions: How can you start to separate your identity from the things you experience? Can you observe your reactions and grow in your awareness? Can you make choices out of love and not fear?

Write down what comes up for you. Think about the situations in which you are needing the most grounding.

Take time to establish boundaries, centering practices, or awareness techniques you can use to connect to the Knight of Pentacles. He will be supporting us all this week.

The Fool is the first card in the Tarot and represents the energy of a new soul. It is the place we can access once we are confidently grounded through the Knight of Pentacles.

The Fool is all about taking risks and acting with a light heart. The phrase connected to this card is: leap and the net will appear.

The vibrations of this card push us to move through our fears in order to step into the present. The Fool calls us to focus on areas of our lives where we want to take chances.

Starting new relationships, business ventures, or ways of thinking are all connected to The Fool. This card is most activated when fresh paths are being taken.

The Fool can make us scared. Many of us have become too familiar with pain, heartbreak, and failure and these things make us afraid of leaping.

The Fool lovingly asks us to take down our walls in order to grow as people and as a world. And through the centered energy of the Knight of Pentacles it is easier to navigate our fear.

By the influence of these two cards, we start to build a lighter and healthier path forward.

Mantra for the week: Even when the world is turbulent, I am grounded and centered. I act out of love and not fear.

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