Nikki’s Weekly Tarot: September 19-25, 2022

Weekly Tarot

The cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.

Eight of Cups and Art

There are many cosmic shifts this week with the start of Libra Season and the Equinox. With the beginning of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the South, we feel the changes in the seasons as well as the in the cosmos.

These changes impact the earth around us and the energy inside us. In the North, our days grow shorter and our energy goes inward. There is a chill in the air, trees lose their leaves, and the harvest is collected. In the Southern Hemisphere, our days are growing warmer and longer. We feel invigorated as we see signs of life in the blooming flowers and chirping birds.

Both the Fall and Spring Equinox have their own beauty. We are called to embrace different parts of each season and the gifts they bring. During this time of transition, I pulled cards for reflection.

The first card is the Eight of Cups. This card often speaks to a period of stagnation or feeling under the weather. We might feel like our reserve of positive energy is depleted and we are not highly motivated.

The empty glasses on the card represent our feelings of exhaustion. The stormy clouds in the background speak to our concern that it will always be like this. It can be hard to see the light through the dark.

However, the Eight of Cups should not be viewed with fear as it is here to offer its truth and wisdom. It says, don’t judge yourself too harshly or hyper-focus on the negative. Instead, accept things as they are and have compassion for yourself.

There is so much waiting for us on the other side of the clouds. Once we weather the storm, a new place of being will open up. Perhaps a place where we connect more to our community and give to others. A place where creativity thrives and we know what is truly important.

To get to this place, you need to put down the empty glasses and start the journey. Of course, there are hardships ahead and change is often a messy process. But through this process of letting go and committing to growth, we can connect to what matters.

Our next card speaks to what is on the other side of the clouds. Art is a card about interconnecting and harmonizing the forces in our life. It is about taking smaller pieces of the puzzle and creating something larger through collaboration and creativity.

The Art card features a beautiful figure blending fire and water to create a new and more powerful substance. She is practicing the ancient art of alchemy and is calling us to do the same.

Reflect on your life and ask yourself: How could I amplify my voice by working with another person or entity? What could I grow or deepen through a partnership? How can I combine my various passions into something bigger and bolder?

I was once working with a client who received this card. I shared with her that it pointed to a powerful partnership with an artistic flair that would bring her great success.

She did not give many details about her work during the reading but messaged me a few weeks later to tell me she had quit her job to go full-time with her own artistic venture. In this new career, she partners with many other artists and entrepreneurs and became quite successful.

The Art card had given her the confidence and push needed to take that risk. It is a card that inspires our own creativity and personal growth.

How does the card’s imagery and process of alchemy inspire you? How can you take steps to embrace your artistic energy? Where do you feel called to take a creative risk?

Under the influence of the Equinox, Libra Season, and the cards, we are called to find balance, connect with others, and embrace our artistic side. Let the vibrations of this time push you to the next phase of your life.

Mantra for the week: Through the process of letting go, I connect to what matters. Everything I need to create is within me.

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