Numerology: Discover Your Pet’s Destiny Number

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This post is written by Sarah Roberts, an astrologer and numerologist from the UK.

Did you know your pet can benefit from Numerology’s insightful life guidance?

Spelling out the letters in our pet’s names gives us the opportunity to discover more about what is behind our cats’ mysterious eyes or our dogs’ playful bark.

The Destiny Number in Numerology is an aspect of your Numerology chart that allows you to see deeper into what life has in store for you. It can show you what is on the horizon and what role you are meant to play.

Get to know your pet’s destiny with this helpful guide!

How to Calculate Your Pet’s Destiny Number

The Destiny Number is calculated using the letters in your pet’s name with each letter corresponding to a numeric value. Use the examples and chart below to know what each letter’s number assignment is. Each letter in the pet’s name is added up until you get to a single digit.

Number Chart:

destiny number




Example 1:
3+9+3+7 = 22
2 + 2 = 4
In this case, your pet’s Destiny Number is 4.

Example 2:
7+6+3+3+7 = 26
2+6= 8

The Destiny Number of Polly is 8.

Do you see how each letter in the name corresponds to a particular number? You can plug any name into the chart. Now that we have figured out how to calculate the number, read on to figure out what each one means for your pet!

What Each Number Means for Your Pet:

Number 1

A Destiny Number of 1 for your pet means they are very devoted to you. They are loyal and by your side when it counts. Sometimes they can be a little selfish, doing what they can to get the cuddly attention they desire.

Number 2

If your pet has a Destiny Number of 2 then this means they are a very calm and serene pet. They found their way into your life to bring balance and harmony. Your fury friend is a helper and possibly a very supportive part of your life.

Number 3

A Destiny Number of 3 implies your pet is very social. They probably want to play all of the time and have trouble sitting still! You may find your pet getting into mischievous situations. They are in your life as a reminder for you to remember to laugh and enjoy yourself!

Number 4

With a Destiny Number of 4 your pet is probably very shy. They are likely to hide under the couch when you have visitors over. Your Destiny Number 4 pet probably brings out a nurturing side of you. They found their way into your life because they knew you needed something to take care of and fulfill the caregiving side of you.

Number 5

If your pet has a Destiny Number of 5 then they are very intuitive. They seemingly know when you need comforting and love. At times your pet may seek out excessive attention; as they may be a bit high maintenance. Destiny Number 5 pets can be moody so watch out for their shifting personalities!

Number 6

Your Destiny Number 6 pet is reliable and faithful. A fury friend with this Destiny Number wants to go everywhere with you. They won’t mind going on drives, taking walks, and seeing the outdoors. A pet with this number loves to be around other animal friends. They found their way into your life to help you feel friendship and affection.

Number 7

A Destiny Number of 7 for your pet means they are very highly evolved, almost human. Your pet always seems to know what is going on around them. They have a keen sense of perception. Your Destiny Number 7 pet is in your life help you feel more connected to the spiritual and
natural world.

Number 8 

If your pet has a Destiny Number of 8 then they can be extremely energetic! They will often require a lot of exercise. A Destiny Number of 8 also implies your pet has a huge never-ending appetite! Your pet is in your life to bring you vitality, energy, and playfulness.

Number 9

The Destiny Number 9 pet often has a lot of courage. They are very protective of you, stepping in if you seem threatened. This numerology number indicates your pet is in your life because you needed to develop a deep and loyal bond with another living creature.

Our pet’s Destiny Numbers are very insightful tools in to understanding our fur babies better. They found their way into our lives for a reason! Pets can provide us with affection, love, and nurturing and we can provide them the same in return.

You can also calculate your Destiny Number using this same method to see how you and your pet match up! Maybe you will get the same number and know that you found each other for a reason.

Does your pet’s behavior match up to their Numerology Destiny Number?

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Sarah is a part-time astrologer from the UK. She has been fascinated with astrology and Numerology from a young age, and her love for all things spiritual has only increased over time.