Pisces Blue Moon Ritual August 2023

pisces blue moon ritual

The Pisces Full Moon arrives on August 30th and is our second Full Moon for the month of August, which is why it is referred to as a Blue Moon. It also happens to be a Super Moon, which means we will feel its effects magnified.

This Pisces Super Blue Moon will be drawing things up and out of us, illuminating what has been buried for some time. Psychic debris will be cleared, emotional baggage will be shifted, and we may even find some space opening up in our lives.

The vibrations of Pisces energy, coupled with the fact this is a Blue Moon, will thin the veil and heighten our intuition, making it a powerful time for ritual work.

This powerfully cleansing ritual is designed to work in harmony with the energies of the Pisces Blue Moon. It encourages a release on both a psychic and emotional level. You should leave this ritual feeling more relaxed and with a stronger auric field.

I hope you enjoy this ritual!

Pisces Blue Moon Ritual August 2023

This ritual is best done between August 25-September 10, 2023

You will need:


1.) Take your aura cleansing tool of choice, and starting at the top of your head, work around the entire outside of your body. As you cleanse your auric field using your chosen tool, recite the following –

“All that no l longer supports my highest self is cleansed from my body right now. I release myself from any repetitive cycles or patterns that are preventing my growth. I release myself from any attitudes or beliefs that are keeping me stuck. I release myself from any heavy weight that is no longer mine to carry. I set the intention and know that it is done. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.”

2.) Get nice and comfortable and begin your 7 Ray Cosmic Guided meditation. This meditation was channeled by Spirit. I believe it is ultra-powerful and a fantastic way to cleanse and restore your energetic body.

3.) Once the meditation is complete, sit with your bowl of water in front of you. Take a pinch of rice or whatever grain/seed you are using and charge it up with something you wish to release. It can be big or small, but state it out loud, for example – “I am releasing judgments I have placed on anyone in the past.” Once you have affirmed what you are releasing, throw your rice into the bowl of water. The rice will act as a conduit, taking what you have released out of your energy field. The water acts a cleanser, and will instantly transmute whatever energies you are releasing back to a zero state. Keep this process going until all your rice is finished. And have fun with it! Keep challenging yourself to release things. Try to do at least 10-15 releases at minimum.

4.) Once done, take your bowl of water in your hands and recite the following-

“I cleanse and purify the past. I release all that no longer serves. The old is gone, and the past is just a wise memory. I bring myself forward now into the present moment, focusing on that which I wish to attract for my highest self and my brightest future.”

5.) Discard your rice and the water. If you can, try to return the water back to the Earth.

6.) Get your Pisces Blue Moon Reading and follow the instructions to pick your card and receive your intuitive message.

6.) To close your ritual, use your auric cleansing tool to work around your aura one final time. This time recite the following –

“I surround myself in love and light. A seal of protection forms around my body, mind, and soul. I am safe. I am loved. I am infinitely protected. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Your ritual is now complete! I hope you feel lighter!

Blue Moon Blessings to you!

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