Pisces New Moon Ritual February 2023

pisces new moon ritual 2023

The Pisces New Moon peaks on February 19, 2023, and calls for us to both surrender and ground our energy. We may struggle between the two, but, if the Pisces fish can teach us anything, it’s that there are no wrong paths.

The two fish of Pisces swim in opposite directions, and yet, their journey is a circle meaning they will eventually both land in the same place.

Our lives are always a balance between holding on and letting go, between following the calling of our destiny and making choices to exercise our free will.

When do we hold on tighter, when do we let go? This is something the New Moon will stir, but only we can decide.

Saturn is also hovering close to this New Moon, activating the upcoming Saturn in Pisces energies which are set to filter into our cosmic skies over the next 2.5 years.

With all of this energy circling, this ritual is here to bring you some comfort and guidance. In this ritual, you will rely on your intuition plus embrace some of the soothing intention-setting energies the Pisces New Moon has to offer.

Here is your Pisces New Moon Ritual for February 2023-

This ritual can be done anytime but is best done between February 17-28, 2023

Pisces New Moon Ritual 2023

You will need:

  • 3 items to create your own tea (see second step of directions)
  • Mug of hot water
  • Cleansing tool of choice (herbs, oils, wands, etc.)
  • Pen and paper 
  • Candle
  • Saturn in Pisces Report (optional)


1.) Light your candle and cleanse your aura and then your surroundings. As this is the Pisces New Moon, it is important not to forget to cleanse the bottom of your feet as well! (Pisces rules over the feet).

As you cleanse your aura recite the following- 

(Start at the top of your head and work your cleansing tool down your body following the body parts mentioned)

“I cleanse and release thoughts that no longer serve me. I cleanse and release any tension that may be heavy in my neck and my shoulders. I cleanse my torso and my back, so my angel wings may sprout and fly me freely. I cleanse any tension or anxious energy in my belly that may be blocking my creativity. I feel it all releasing now. I cleanse and release any stagnant energy in my pelvic region, and I take a moment to honor this sacred place of creation. I cleanse my legs and my knees and thank them for holding me. I cleanse my feet all the way down to my little toes, and out it all goes, out it all goes, and now I do glow.”

Now, put your cleansing tool down and pat your body gently with your hands while reciting- “I love you” 10 times. 

As you cleanse your surroundings, say what you feel in the moment or set a quiet intention and allow it to guide you as you cleanse your space. 

2.) Pick three ingredients you are going to use to make your own herbal tea. You can choose loose-leaf tea, ginger, honey, lemon, fruits, mint leaves, etc. Just use whatever you have on hand.

When you have your three choices, write them down on your piece of paper as a numbered list. Next to each tea item, use your intuition to write down three adjectives to describe the ingredient.

For example:

  • 1.) ginger: passionate, bold, healing
  • 2.) lemon: fresh, vibrant, sunny
  • 3.) mint leaves: cooling, soothing, restorative

Allow your intuition to guide you when it comes to choosing your adjectives. Keep your list to the side.

3.) Now, make a numbered list of three things that you would like to do differently in the coming 12 months. You can include things you wish to change or things you wish to bring into your life. Just make sure your list is clearly numbered from 1 to 3.

4.) Take your mug of hot water and get your list of adjectives and your list of things you wish to bring into your life. 

5.) Look at the first thing you wish to bring into your life and then take note of the first set of adjectives you wrote on your list. (Bare with me here, you will see how it comes together!)

6.) Now, take the first item for your tea and recite the following before placing it into your mug of hot water.

“In order to bring (the first thing you wrote on your list of things you wish to bring in) into my life, I will harness the (three adjectives from your first tea item) qualities in me.”

Then place your first ingredient into the hot water.

Now, repeat this process for the other two things on your list. Keep the order the same! 

“In order to bring (the second thing you wrote on your list of things you wish to bring in) into my life, I will harness the (three adjectives from your second tea item) qualities in me.”

Add your second ingredient to the hot water.

“In order to bring (the third thing you wrote on your list of things you wish to bring in) into my life, I will harness the (three adjectives from the third tea item) qualities in me.”

Add your third ingredient to the hot water.

7.) Now, stir your tea so all the energies combine, and as you drink your tea, reflect on any thoughts or feelings you may be experiencing. See if the adjectives you wrote correlated in any way to the things you want to bring into your life. Trust that your intuition aligned the adjectives as a message just for you. 

8.) As you enjoy your tea, feel free to read through your Saturn in Pisces report for your zodiac sign. The report will guide you as to what Saturn in Pisces will bring into your life over the coming years. You can learn more about this rare cosmic transit here.

9.) Once you have finished your tea, you can discard any of the ingredients. Snuff out the candle and you are done.

Pisces New Moon Blessings to you!

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